Daddy Fucked Me

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Last night my daddy fucked me in my tight pink pussy. I was a bad girl all day and he wanted to teach me a lesson. He shoved and pounded his BBC inside me, “Are you going to act up in school again?!” “Hmm. No daddy!” “Promise me!” He pushed his cock deeper into my pussy. He was dominating my body and it felt so good. Daddy always taught me pain is pleasure. “I promise daddy! Yes. Fuck this tight pussy.” He fucked me so good. My daddy’s big black cock was deep inside of my stomach. He flipped me over and spanked me so hard. “Ahh hmm!” I screamed out in pleasure. He spanked me again, this time so hard I had a handprint on my ass for 3 days. “I’ve been a bad girl daddy. Fuck me harder.” “Shut the fuck up you little whore.” He spanked me again, this time taking his dick out and shoving it into my ass. “Oh my God! Yes! Fuck!” I came so hard squirting everywhere. Daddy cream-pied my asshole so deep. I was his cum filled cunt and he knew it. My mom had no idea what was going on under her roof and we liked it that way. Her pussy was nothing compared to mine, no wonder daddy was fucking me every night.

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