Cunnie check up with daddy

fantasy phone sex

If you have a knack for fantasy phone sex, understand that I am one dirty fuck slut that enjoys being used and drilled. Whenever I get a nice hard cock in me, I feel alive. I want to beg to feel the warm cum distributed inside me. Daddy is quite the jealous fella, and I know he hates the thought of me fucking other boys.

Daddy loves to say tempest, sweetie, you need a man, not a boy, and I am the only man for you. I know I should be content, but sometimes I have the urge to say fuck it, I want cock. It often involves giving road head or in a movie theatre quietly fucking so no one hears. Usually, it is so spontaneous that no condom is used. I know that spells out trouble for me in the end. Daddy likes to do a cunnie check on me to make sure no cummies get in me. Daddy will not let his princess get knocked up by a boy, so off to get a plan b we go. It is hard for my daddy to stay mad at me for too long. I have him wrapped around my finger. So go ahead, daddy I will spread wide for that cunnie check 😉


    • Slater on May 27, 2022 at 10:52 am
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    That is a gorgeous pussy and asshole, babe.

    • Terrance on May 27, 2022 at 7:46 pm
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    let me replace your daddy. i have a big man cock that will make you cum harder than the old man!!

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