Cum Glutton

I love being the nastiest little fuck whore in town.

I wont stop until I am swimming in a sea of semen!

All the church ladies look down on me and call me names but I just laugh!

I know what I want and I know how to get it!

No man alive can resist this sweet shaved pussy…Just ask the Reverend! He still shakes and even pisses himself a little when ever he sees me!

But a girl like me needs more than a single sausage to satisfy my hungry cunt!

One Cock?! That is a snack! I want the entire happy meal!

I am glutton for cock and cum!

I need double or even triple penetration!

At The Same Time!

I wont stop until I am blowing cum bubbles out of my nose, my ass is pissing jizz and my cunt whistles dixie in the night breeze!

I love being gangbanged by a train of man meat, each one trying to fuck me deeper and harder than the massive cock before him, blasting his load in a sea of spunk splattering from head to toe!

If my holes aren’t torn, there is room for one more!

And if they are torn there’s room for two!


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