College Girls

college girls phone sex

If college girls phone sex is what you seek, look no further, you’ve come to the right place. I’m known around my campus for being easy and I’m more than okay with that. In fact, the more men (and women) who hear about me being easy, the more sex I get. How could anyone ever think that’s a bad thing? The more dick, the better. Any women who aren’t using their bodies to get what they want are missing out. Maybe they just want sex. Maybe they want good grades. Maybe the want money. Or maybe they want all three. See, if they were whores like me, they would be getting all three of those things.

Like just recently, I saw my sugar daddy who is also one of my professors. We started out fucking because I thought he was sexy. it wasn’t one of those “give me good grades and I’ll fuck you” kind of things. That just came organically. He told me that I’m such a good fuck and he didn’t want me to have to study. He wanted me free to be able to fuck him. And then one day he brought me an envelope of cash. Most girls would be offended, but not me. I knew I had him under my spell for good.

Wanna be under my spell, too?


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