Coke-Addict Mother Begs to Be Pimped out By Dealer Son

Tight shaved pussyHave you ever heard of a son pimping his own mother out? I’m a coke fiend, and my son is the only person within a 100 mile radius who will sell to me, except that he does not want money, he wants the use of my body. I don’t care what he wants me to do a long as he gives me coke. The worst, however, is when his friends show up to his place looking for free pussy, and my son lends me out to those guys for hours. They have absolutely no control, grabbing my neck and pounding my pussy. I swear that my pussy and my throat end up throbbing when I’m finished with them. It is a requirement between my son and I that I must be a good cock slut to whoever he wishes, so I’ll have to be an abused fuck toy, being bent into every position and fucked hard until I’m filled up with the cum of 5 men.

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