Cinco De Mayo fun

bald shaved pussy

Cinco de Mayo is probably one of my favorite unofficial holidays.One specific Cinco de mayo that sticks out to me is one  a  few years back I started to be a seasonal nanny. I was finishing high school and didn’t have the time to be a full-time nanny. Between spring and summer, I was a nanny for a wealthy family and in one of the perks of being a nanny for this family was I could go on the trips they had. My first year there we went to Mexico it was supposed to be Cabo, and it was supposed to be a five-star resort for some reason we ended up in Las Rosas which was more like a three-star resort and was lacking so much. The matriarch of the family was livid and giving her husband grief. They had a huge blowout fight that ended up with her taking the ankle biters and jetting back to San Diego leaving her husband and me stranded. Well lucky for us a couple of tequilas in and margaritas we kept each other company. I wasn’t even of legal drinking age, but I was enjoying all the liquor and loved the attention I was getting from the dad. It wasn’t long till I had my legs spread and his daddy dick inside my bald shaved pussy.

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