Christmas cbt cuck

big tits and assesAll I had to do for the extra Christmas bonus was a little cbt session. I had to tease the head of the house and show of all my friends with their big tits and asses. I know He is a weak fucker with a dick that can barely function. We laugh at him and make him realize he will never satisfy anyone. Not even his wife is satisfied she cheats on him with her trainer. I know because I walked into their private one on one lesson. There was more than stretching going on. I knew you were a full on cuck in training. I had to show you the light and show you what you are good for its quite simple. You are a bitch boy with a tiny pathetic dick. You will pay me to degrade you because that makes your nub perk up. I will bring all my friends over to watch you beat your cock up with any tool I feel deemed necessary. For our first session I want you in a Santa outfit with a cuck ring. I want you in the holiday spirit and I want to see you fuck up your peehole while you pay me a cool 10k per needle I make you push thru your pee hole. Consider this your stocking stuffer.

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