Cheer Tryouts!

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I’m the cheer captain at my school and teen sluts practically get down on their knees begging me for a chance to be on the team. They have to really prove their worth to me though. First they have to pass the regular cheer leading try outs, but then they have to pass a second try out in the locker room with the football coach and his friends. You see, I’m not just any regular cheer leader. I’m a madame and all my cheer leaders are my sluts and they do as I say. They have to be willing to suck cock and take dick while I pocket 40% of the money. At these second try outs, the girls have to get down on their knees and suck the coach off and all his dirty pervert friends. They love tight teen cunnie and they pay the big bucks to get it. The girls have to let the men do whatever they want to them and be willing to take it with a smile on their face. The men get to fuck their mouths, ass, and their sweet little slits. Not everyone has what it takes to be on my team of cheer leading sluts and the competition is cut throat. While the girls are sucking off the guys me and the other team mates egg them on and push them to work harder. One little blonde was having a hard time sucking a big 9 inch cock so I forced her head down onto the cock and gagged her with it. She tapped out choking and crying. Pathetic! The last few trying out seemed to be doing better. Two brunette cuties and a red head were giving it their all. The sucked the cocks and then took it up the ass without batting an eye. Looks like we might have three new additions to my team this year!

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