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Buy me everything you stupid black bitch I need you to pay for every moment you spend with me. You are a dumb fuck you think that a beautiful white girl like myself would just go out with you for free that is a joke you are a joke. I like white guys not stupid fucking mongrels like you. You’re such a fuck up I mean who Do You Think You Are white guys do so much more they know how to take care of their women. Every time you do one little thing you decide to brag about it, and it really gets on my fucking nerves if you fix my nails you can’t go anywhere without saying that you fixed my beautiful nails you have to tell everyone you paid for that. Guess what loser white guys pay for things without bragging about it that’s right it’s because money is not a thing to a white guy, but to you, it’s like everything. You let me know that you genuinely cannot afford me you let me know that you’re just some pansy-ass wannabe and it’s disgusting. You are the reason why I treat you like trash you’re the reason why you don’t get any pussy. Honestly, I think you’re a cuckold I guess you want to see a big dick corn-fed country white boy fuck the shit out of me right in front of your face I really get that idea from you. Look at you-you’re not one of those black guys with the big fat dick no that’s not you-you’re one of those black guys that are unfortunately an exception to the rule you make black guys look bad. You and your 3-inch little bitty dick it’s worthless don’t you see that I know plenty of white guys with bigger dicks than you-you are not even average, and that’s shameful. You will never have my heart I don’t give a fuck how many roses you buy how many compliments you give how much ass you kiss you will never be my love you’re only going to be the guy who pays for the check. Now here’s what I want you to do I want you to purchase me a brand new beautiful bed for my blue-eyed blonde hair devil and me because I am going to fuck a white man on your dime

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