Bratty Submissives

Mistress phone sex Richie thinks he is so clever but I see right thru his tantrums. Richie is one of my submissives and is very well behaved. I know the only reason he throws his tantrums is that he is a pain slut. He gets super rock hard when I take him over my knee pull down his pants and spank his ass like the bad little boy he is acting like. I don’t mind playing along with his antics. I enjoy giving pain to my submissives. I pull down his pants and put him over my knee. I take my hairbrush and start wailing on his ass as hard as I can. He is whining and crying but I can feel his dick on my leg growing. I turned his white ass into a pretty bright red. His precum was making a mess on my leg. Lol, he is really enjoying this but I wasn’t done having my fun either. I took the brush and sodomize his ass with it. I fucked him over my knee with that brush in his tight asshole into he exploded all over the floor.

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