Bratty Princess Gets Her Way

You know that your little slutty girl loves to get her way all the time right? So when I say I was a hard cock in my cunt then I better get a hard fucking cock in my cunt! I don’t care how many fits I have to throw daddy you will give me my way right? Because I’m your princess and I keep that full ballsack of yours nice and drained of your white milk that’s all for me to drink up! So daddy what is it gonna be? Are you going to take me home now? Bend me over that leather black couch of yours and ram the thick head of your hard, huge, and curved cock into me to hit all the right sweet spots right? If not then I don’t mind getting down right here in the middle of the store in front of the these other people, even the young ones, to get that cock off and a sweet taste of the baby better I have been craving.

little gir phone sexNo? Again? That just is not right! So I get on my knees so fast and before you can even blink I have my favortie to out and start to fuck myself with load moans and cries for more. You panic and immediately shut my up by shoving your cock into my mouth to silence the cries of pleasure that can be heard across the store! When we get off there is a crowd cheering, mothers covering he eyes of their husbands and teens and even some workers have their cocks out to jerk off while watching your little slut fuck herself and suck a dick. When we make it home I am happily and thoroughly fucked by my daddy on that same black couch and getting the honor of draining his balls all over again!

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