Bratslut Army

submissive phone sex

He wanted a brat army and I was the mommy whore to give it to him. Submissive phone sex mommys are so easy to manipulate to your dirty dark will. He wanted to breed me And use my little sluts to breed as well. The dark and deviant man who needed a whole slave of brats to serve his big fat cock. I protested I already had four of my own I didn’t need to be bred out again and that’s when I went to his sex slave dungeon. I’m used to men dominating me and getting what they want beating me spanking me turning me almost inside out. But I wasn’t prepared for other whores to be hurting me. To be pumped with every kind of cock in every load of semen imaginable. My daughters were given fertility drugs and popped with a brat in the oven. The incest breeding will never stop, this is a life of a druggie Mommy forced to breed with her daughters. Hurt me for Impregnation phone sex!

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