Bad Valentines Mommy

submissive phone sex

I have been a bad mommy for Valentine’s Day! You know that I have been out selling my ass again. My dope addiction is back and I am selling my milf cooter for a couple grams of that good shit here and there. I have missed how tall and strong you have gotten Alex. You know I have been submitting in various positions and the higher I get the more open I am about coming home with a belly and cunt full of sperm. But Alex, you decide you are going to help mommy! You come up behind me and through polaroids on the kitchen counter. You have found me in some very compromising positions. You also lay out my paraphernalia and told me that you were going to help me beat my drug habits. I felt your dick go around me and the collar put on my neck as I was jerked to the floor. I finally looked at my strapping son and saw him for the DADDY Dom he was becoming. I blew him hard and fast. I wanted him to know I know how to serve him, I don’t think I can give up the dope completely but my son’s cock is a great addiction as well! What could be a sweeter treat today of all days than Valentines day momma domination!

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    • Antony on April 27, 2022 at 5:36 pm
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    Bad mommies like you are the best mommies!

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