Bad Little Boi

I stand in front of you my whip in my hand. I watch you as you perform for me. My heel tapping on the floor. You were a very bad boi this morning and your punishment has just begun. I am a loving Mistress into you piss me off then my sadistic side comes out. You thought you were a sneaky smarty pants, didn’t you? Well, I caught you red-handed touching your dick when I did not give you such permission. You thought you were hidden well but not well enough. When I came walking around the corner and saw you with your dick in your hand I was pissed off. I dragged your ass across the floor and locked your dick up. You want to be a disobedient bitch? Now you get to deal with me. I whip you hard tearing up your ass and back making your flesh tear open and bleed. You scream for mercy and I make you beg for more instead. I laugh at your cries and my pussy soaks from watching your blood drip down your back. Now I command you onto the rubber dildo and you will fuck yourself into you make your own ass bleed.Sissy phone sex

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