Bad influences



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Blonde phone sex whores are the best. Sluts that happen to get in trouble when their parents are away can get their hands dirty. I took advantage of the fact that my parents were away at a destination getaway. My parents were going to be gone for five full days in Cancun. I knew I could drive their car and use my fake I.D. I got ready for a night out and was enjoying my freedom. I knew I had a ton of days to act wild and have fun. After hanging out at a college party, I was not allowed to be at I got so drunk and fucked up. The guys knew I wasn’t in college; they made me their little slut and had fun knowing I was breaking some rules. After plenty of gangbangs that night, I sprinted home. My mom was asking why the alarm was never activated. On my way, I was frazzled and hit a mailbox. I totaled the bumper of my dads new Mercedes.

One of the girls saw me upset and told me she had an offer for me. She knew I need cash asap and said she could help me. The sorority girls were all whores who I aspired to be like; I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to attend college and be like them. They had side gigs, and one of them was selling their used panties on social media. They set me right up, and I made a little fortune in less than a day. Old perverts loved my bald shaved pussy and all my used up panties. I was able to fix the car and also enjoy an encore of orgy fun. Who knew guys buy panties from girls with itty bitty titties. They loved youngsters like me.

bald shaved pussy

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