Backwoods Babydoll

hot phone sex

I’ve always been a city girl and I have had my fill of city boys but I have learned that nothing gets my pussy wetter than a backwoods countryman who knows how to truly fuck. The kind of man who isn’t afraid to manhandle me and talk to me like a lady really wants to be spoken to behind closed doors. I can keep up with my city life and I quite enjoy it actually because I love the finer things in life, however, when it comes to getting fucked properly, I now realize I’m a backwoods slut who needs a real man. I have secret weekly rendezvous with him because he fucks me like none other and I never leave his presence disappointed. I love all of the filthy names he likes to call me. He knows I’m a cock hungry little whore and that I like to hear it. The next time I see him I want him to be extremely brutal with me. I want to be tied up and teased to the point that I’m begging for mercy. I imagine he has a few toys and props he wouldn’t mind using on me so that when I leave him, I’m sore for the entire next week. My nipples are hard just thinking about it.

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