babysitter fun cums full circle

fantasy phone sex

Once upon a time, I learned how to be a complete little slut. Fantasy phone sex is especially nice with tempting tempest because she has all sorts of dirty adventures and fascinating experiences.

You’re probably wondering what is a good one and how did something so sweet become so sinful. Well, my very first babysitter when I was a wee one showed me how to suck cock and show off my twat. Her boyfriend had a thing for little sweets like me.

I was groomed to suck his cock and spread my little butterfly for him. That’s what they called my pussy. I was coached into every step by my naughty babysitter. Eventually, it became a routine that I was obsessed with and wanted and craved. I learned all sorts of dirty things that I still, till this day, show other little sweeties now that I’m a babysitter.

Recently out of coincidence, I began to be the babysitter for the youngins of my old babysitter. Life comes full circle cause now I’m the babysitter that’s corrupting my old babysitter’s wee ones.

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