Are You The Father?

impregnation phone sex


Impregnation phone sex got me pregnant for real let me explain.

I waited on the king-size bed in a back room, and my pimp waited out front to meet each man. To be honest, I was super nervous. But I wanted my pussy full of cum, and plus I was horny.

Man after man came into the room for this multiple partner cream pie.
The first man who came in wanted foreplay. He gave me an open-mouthed kiss and squeezed my breasts. To be honest, I was thankful to have him start my multiple partner cream pie. That foreplay got my pussy nice and wet. Once my pussy was ready, he slammed inside. My legs wrapped around his waist, trying to get him deeper and deeper inside me. After a moment, he shuddered. Then, inside my vagina, warmth pooled throughout. It was clear he came.

As soon as he left the room, the next guy came in. He didn’t bother with foreplay and went straight to fucking. He threw my legs over his shoulders and pounded away at my pussy, balls slapping against my ass. Before long the room reeked of cum and sex. My pussy grew so full from fat cocks, thin cocks, long cocks, curved cocks, even dildos- that I began dripping cum from my pussy without something to plug it up.

But even though my pussy had cum to the brim, my body had yet to give up. I wanted more cocks inside me. And my pimp made sure men kept coming through that door the whole night.

Do you want to be one of these men cumming inside me? I’m sure you would make a great father.

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