The Hotter The Better

Hot phonesex

An hour before my flight and I had nothing to do but fantasize about Hot Phonesex. I was sitting around listening to moms talk on their phone and checking my phone over and over in the hopes that someone would at least send me some cock to fantasize about. I was a bit delirious from my dick drought of the past day, getting ready for all this had made me hungry and thirsty for sweaty balls slapping my chin.

Some girl started talking about her kids, and inner cockslut desires started to make me rub my thighs together and hope for something better. That was when the intercom rang on, and my flight was announced delayed another two hours. I didn’t wait a moment longer for my fill and need, I got my Phone sex whore ass up off my seat, found myself the first big dick I could see, and dragged him away for my own super fun cock loving time!hot phonesex

It doesn’t get more primal than a wavering need begging after a day of boring, dry, travel. My insides were soaked, I knew I’d need new panties by the time I got back home, and two hours wasn’t going to be enough for me to stuff my fill but I’d make do somehow. I could smell him already, feel his strong muscles, and felt my knees buckle in advance for the raw dicking this random dude was surely about to destroy me with.

This wasn’t some Little girl phone sex, this was about to be a wrecking ball of pussy destroying fun and unlike the plane this was going to go off without delay. I had needs to fulfill, a swollen hot set of folds to please, and the perfect place in mind to do it.

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