Anal Cheerleaders

Hottest phone sex

It’s tough being the bitch in charge sometimes. I have to keep the other girls on the cheer squad in line and make sure they never try to disobey me. I decided to test their obedience by bringing a box of anal plugs to school with me. Before class, I had each of them bend over so I could insert the thick plug up their ass. Once it was safely slid inside their butt, just the shiny bejeweled base of the plug was visible poking out between their cheeks. I made them leave their panties off and hike up their skirt, so that any time they bent over, their bare ass and the plug would show. It was humiliating to them, but they still did it. Why? Because I’m the boss and these bitches know better than to step out of line and defy me. They walked around with the uncomfortable plugs poking out of their assholes for the rest of the day, giving the boys and other students a nice show every time they bent over or the wind blew their skirts. By the end of the day, I had a list of numbers from male teachers and older students who wanted to have some fun with my little harem.

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