A Weekend Getaway

fantasy phone sexWe were going away for the weekend. Somewhere warm and hot and away from his wife. We boarded first class and once we got to the no seat belt sign, I covered his lap with the blanket and went to work on his big thick cock. Rubbing and stroking him as he put his hands up my dress and inside my panties. It was so hot getting each other off in the air with a full plain. Daddy likes that and I make sure to keep him happy. We checked in and waited in our cabana for the room to be ready. He smiled and I knew exactly what that meant. I pulled the curtain and slipped out of my clothes and undressed him. While he was taking a business call, he laid back and I got between his legs and sucked his cock. He loves for me to look up at him with his big cock in his mouth. He filled my throat, and I swallowed every drop. Then he hung up the phone and motioned me back to his lap where he spread my ass cheeks and pushed his hard cock deep inside my tight ass. It was a hot weekend and Daddy was not disappointed. Want to hear how I took care of him? Or maybe you want me to tell you how I will take care of you.

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