A Boy For Every Fetish

Sissy phone sexMy pets, my slaves, my whores. These young horny fresh cocks that I own. They all worship me, they know their place in this world. I’ve got quite the collection at my beck and call. For every mood I have! The one I beat senseless, to a pulp with my hands and my many torture toys. He is a punching bag for me! The one that I torture. I put weights on his balls and force him to increase the lbs until they’re at their max. He always does what he’s told no matter what form of torture and punishment I may have. I’ve got my sissy, and my cuckold to dress up and have my cuck clean my cunt after my bull has given me a proper fucking. My sexy pet used to be a model and a doctor but he gave it up to be my fuckable pet with a nice collar and leash I lead him around and he stuffs my pussy on command. My slaves that clean me from my head to my toes, my cunt filled with cum and my ass too. They know their place in this world each and every one of them.

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