Loves To Watch His Mistress

My sugar daddy is willing to pay so much to watch me play with my tight shoved pussy while I take calls! It is really a win-win situation for me, I got to make money while making money, and making myself orgasm of course. He loves watching as other men’s mistress fantasies turn me on. He comes and watched while I work, and tells his wife he is out of town on business. He is willing to give me over half his pay just to watch me run my fingers in circles on my silky clit. He can barley stop himself from cumming when I get my finger nice and wet with my sweet pussy juice, and bring it to my soft lips to taste. I know it drives him crazy when I look him in the eye and suck all of the tasty juices off of my slim fingers. The best part is he always pays double when he cums, so I always make sure to call him daddy every chance I get. I love seeing the effect I have on men, especially the married ones.

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  1. evan

    You are such a sexy whore!

  2. jerry

    hot blog

  3. Zack

    I would pay to watch you do that too!

  4. dante

    i love hearing you finger fuck your wet pussy while i was on the phone with you babe!

  5. Josh

    mmm… your so hot

  6. Paul

    I want to watch you too!

  7. fred

    Hot Little slut

  8. Cameron

    I want him to listen to us talk dirty.

  9. Jorden

    I will be calling you back tonight I cummed so fucking hard last night.

  10. Chad

    be my sugar baby

  11. Paul

    I need you as my mistress

  12. George

    this hard dick in my hand says you definitely affect me.

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