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Phone Sex Milf and the Physician’s Assistant

Phone sex milfThis phone sex milf had a doctor’s appointment the other day. I just needed my flu shot. I only saw the physician’s assistant and he was a hunk. I flirted shamelessly with him hoping I could get him to fuck me. The ones with professional codes of ethics they must adhere to are the biggest challenge and I love a challenge. I started by making sly jokes about an ache in my vagina. He knew what I was doing. He smiled and told me to be good. I retorted, “I am much better when I am naughty.” That is the truth. I am a great bad girl. I didn’t let up until I saw the boner in his pants. Once I saw that, I knew the battle was over. I unzipped his pants and showed him how good my throat was working! Once his throbbing cock hit my lips, he was mine. I rode his cock hard on top of the exam table. I put on his stethoscope and listened to his heart racing as I fucked his cock hard. He was out of breath. I think he needs more cardiac workouts. I told him I was available daily to help him out. I think my hairy pussy and milf skills will become his next phone sex addiction. Wanna play doctor too?

Group Sex in a Swinger’s Club

group sexI love group sex. When my husband was younger, we were swingers. I’m not old enough to have been a swinger in its heyday but swinging never really went away. It just went underground and became less discussed in social circles. I don’t know why people are ashamed to admit they enjoy sex. I am proud to tell people I am a kinky woman. I enjoy getting fucked. I love being kinky. My husband can’t get hard like he once could, but he will go with me to swingers’ clubs and parties. He likes to watch. We went upstate this weekend to check out a new swingers’ club. It was full of men with very few women. Normally, it is either an equal mix or more women. I had never seen it like this before. My husband told me that I could be the star of the club. He was right. I gathered up the few girls in the place and told them we were going to just have one big orgy with the men in the club. Do you have orgy fantasies? We were going to fuck every guy in the place. There were like 20 guys to each girl. So, us four girls each had about 80 men because every guy wanted to fuck each of us. I was the oldest and the only one with a hairy pussy. Two women were in their thirties and married to men in the mix and one girl was 26. She was a trophy wife and came with her husband who wanted to watch her get fucked. Her husband sat with my husband and watched the four wives get gang banged by men ranging in age from 21-65. It was the most men I had ever done in a night. The club is new and didn’t understand to not let in single men if not enough single women, but opening night was a bang. It was a gang bang.

Little Girl Phone Sex Story

little girl phone sexDo you enjoy little girl phone sex? I do and I have a story for you! My neighbor’s girl forgot her key, so when she got off the bus, she was locked out of her house. I let her hang with me until her parents came home. She is a young girl, but she can be alone for a couple of hours by herself. I was happy to watch her for a while, because I miss my daughter being that age. She is a dirty campus whore now. I am proud of her, but she was once an innocent sweet girl until I corrupted her. I made her mommy’s sex slave when she was still in diapers. Girls are never too young to play with mommy or daddy. I am a P woman. I like them young. So young you can mold them into little sex slaves. I started showing my neighbor girl my pussy and ass. She was not concerned or scared. She just looked at it and said it looked different than her mommy’s. I wondered if her mommy was using her like I used my daughter. I explained that I was older, and the hair is what made it look different. That was my guess. Her mommy likely had a shaved pussy. The little girl got up gave me some licks, giggled and said I tasted better than her mommy too. I was not the first woman to play with this angel. That didn’t upset me because it meant she had some skills already and she knew how to keep a secret. She ate my hairy twat and I licked and fingered her young bald pussy. I am such a dirty phone sex milf. I just love the taste and feel of a super young cunt. I bet you do too. Do you wish you were my neighbor?

Phone Sex Whore and MILF

phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. It is just another way to cheat on my husband. It is another way to shame and humiliate him. He is the biggest cuckold and half the time he doesn’t even realize it. I phone fuck strangers and I bring home strangers to fuck too. Yesterday, it was a nice warm day. Schools are in session and in NYC, there are always students on some sort of field trip in the city. I leave near Central Park, so I went to scout out some young talent. I was in the mood for a young stud to fuck in my marriage bed. When we first got married, my husband had rules. He knew he married a slut. He didn’t want me fucking people he works with, his family or jailbait boys because it would hurt his reputation. But guess what? I disobeyed all the rules and now that he is retired, the rules don’t apply anymore. Not that ever really did! It was easy to spot the schoolboys at Central Park. I found a young boy who needed some sex education. Let’s talk about sex, baby! I molested the boy in the park. I fondled his genitals. I had to get his attention so he would come home with me. I could have been arrested if he said anything. My experience has always been that the boys enjoy getting molested by a sexy phone sex milf like me.  I brought him home and fucked him in the bed I sleep with my husband. I made sure to leave a wet spot on his side. I love being a cheating P wife.

Phone Sex Granny Now

phone sex grannyI can now call myself a phone sex granny! My eldest son is now a father to a beautiful baby girl. I have been consumed with dirty thoughts. I think you are never too young for grooming. Girls raised on a healthy diet of cum grow up to be whores like me. Technically, I am just a slut because I fuck for free, expect for on the phone! I have been offered money to fuck, but I am a sex addict. I fuck for free. I am trying to convince my son to put some cum in his daughter’s bottle daily. She will still get nourishment from the formula, but a little extra protein never hurt anyone, right? Plus, it will help her grow into a cum slut. He can also, let her suck on the tip of his dick. It is better than a pacifier. Few sucks on a throbbing purple cock head, she is consoled, and my son gets release too. I know this phone sex whore can’t wait to lick her sweet bald slit. The younger the cunnie, the yummier the cunnie tastes. I am going to be a hands-on grandma. I will babysit often. I want to watch her grow. I want to help her become a family slut. Maybe you might want to help too?

Porn for Masturbation

porn for masturbationDo you watch porn for masturbation? I love to watch dirty movies and play with my pussy. I was traveling recently when the hurricane hit. I was in South Carolina visiting one of my sons. We ended up having to get a hotel because he lost power and a roof at his place. No problem for me. I used my husband’s AMEX and got us a nice room. We were just going to fuck our brains out and weather the storm. We decided to make a homemade porn from the hotel. I don’t know if you have ever seen a 70s porn called Taboo. It is the first mainstream, mother son porn movie. It made a star out of Kay Parker. We recreated some scenes from the adult film that included me sleeping and my son trying to molest me while I slept. We thought it was a fun way to pass the time during a hurricane. What I didn’t know was that after I fell asleep, my son uploaded the video to one of those porn sites. We had several thousand views within a few hours. My son labeled it a real life mother and son tribute to Taboo. Horny men were eating it up. Got my son and I thinking we should make more porn together. Porn is hot to watch, but I am here to tell you it is hotter to make.

MILF Phone Sex Slut on Campus

milf phone sexMilf phone sex sluts on a college campus are very popular. Normally, I like variety. Variety in ages and races, even class. I enjoy change, but my daughter called and told me some of her college boy friends were having a private Labor Day party and wanted me to come too. When college boys want me, I am there! I packed a small bag of slutty clothes and went to see my daughter. The party was small, but I liked the odds. Me and my daughter were the only women there with 52 frat boys. We had an entire fraternity house to ourselves. I wasn’t sure if this was group sex or a gang bang! I think it was more the latter. My daughter and I could handle that many frat boys with ease. I raised her to be a good whore like me.  She enjoyed watching them cum on my hairy twat. The very same hairy twat that gave her life. I made her clean me up afterwards too. My daughter got a double work out last night. She had to lick 52 loads of cum out of her mother’s pussy and she had to take 52 cocks. I just got fucked by 52 cocks and sucked about as many. Either way, my daughter and I are the reigning dirty whores of the campus. We are going back tonight for more college fun.

Fetish Phone Sex for Hairy Pussy

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex for hairy pussies is all the rage, especially on a college campus. I took my daughter back to school this week. She is now a sophomore in college. I stayed a few days with her because I enjoy all the frat parties too. I am a novelty when I go to frat parties with her. Not just because I am her mother and a sexy milf, but because I have something no coed has in the modern age, a hairy pussy. I was at this one frat house party with her Friday night. It was the biggest bash on campus. I was down in the basement doing shots with frat boys when I got up on the pool table and started stripping. A couple coeds, my daughter, included, joined me. It was like an episode of coeds gone wild with a cougar! When the boys saw my hairy snatch, they went ballistic. They wanted to see the coeds eat my pussy. My daughter has been eating my hairy pussy for years now, so she went down on me first. My daughter can make me squirt. That turned the frat boys into bigger animals. Suddenly, ever guy wanted to lick the hairy milf. I was the star of the back to school bash; well my hairy pussy was!

A Phone Sex Whore with Kinky Stories

phone sex whoreA phone sex whore like me has lots of kinky stories. My stepson and his wife spent the weekend with us. They were visiting from upstate New York. My husband knows I fucked his boys, but my stepson’s goody two shoes wife is clueless. My stepson once tried to tell me it was over. That lasted 24 hours. The next day he was sending me dick pictures again and telling me no one satisfies him like I do. Duh. A sexy mature woman always takes care of a man better than some silver spoon born young girl. They met in college, fell in love and married. Ten years into the marriage and she still can’t give head to save her life. The first night they were here, my stepson snuck into my bedroom. The bedroom I share with his father and fucked me with his daddy sound asleep next to me. Now, that was a bold move even for me. He figured since his daddy knew what a whore, he married it would not be a big deal if he woke up. I knew what was going on. He didn’t want his wife to wake up and go looking for him. She would never come into my bedroom looking for her hubby. He wanted his cake and to eat it too. Fuck this phone sex milf and keep his rich bitch lousy lay wife happy. I don’t care what games he plays if he fucks me. He banged the shit out of my pussy and ass with his father snoring next to us. When he slithered back to the guest bedroom, his dick was dripping of my cunt juice and his face smelled like my twat. Hopefully, he stopped off in the bathroom first. The true sign of infidelity is cunt juice on your cock and the smell of pussy on your face.

Kinky Phone Sex with Three Irish Brothers

kinky phone sexI love kinky phone sex. I have a kinky story for you too. Yesterday, we had a pipe burst in the kitchen. My husband is on a golfing trip, so I had to deal with finding a plumber. I love working class men. I looked online to see if I cold find a plumber with some pictures of himself. Many handsome plumbers in NYC.  Most of the handsome plumbers were in the Bronx, Harlem or Queens. I had no doubt they would travel to the city because that is where the money is at. I called this one small outfit. It was brothers, a family business. All of them looked Irish. Maybe Irishmen are not known for having the biggest dicks, but these guys were handsome. And brothers. If I lucked out, I would get at least two of them over for my job. When I told them, I would pay double their normal fee to come out that day, they were in my kitchen in an hour. That is like the speed of lightening to get into downtown NYC. They were rugged, handsome redheads. I greeted them in a see-through night gown. My hairy bush and big tits were peaking through. I got their attention. I got the attention of all three of them. Yes, this horny phone sex milf scored big. First, they fixed my pipe. Then, they unclogged my drain. Oh, my they were adorable. Hung too. I love working class men with their rugged good looks and strong hands. Men who work with their hands are better lovers in my opinion. These three brothers all took a hole. Been a while since I had a cock in each hole and I never had 3 brothers in me at the same time.  I paid them triple for the pleasure of fucking all three of my holes.

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