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MILF Phone Sex with Spring Breakers

milf phone sexNeed milf phone sex? I love being that dirty mature woman of your wet dreams. I have always been the “hot” mom among my offspring’s friends. I love it too because this hairy pussy enjoys a young hard cock. I was taking a walk through Central Park yesterday because the day was lovely. I encountered some high school boys skateboarding. Most of the public schools are on spring break now. They started cat calling and saying cheesy things like, “Can I have fries with that shake?” I didn’t care how cheesy their lines were, they were cute boys with hard teen cocks, and I was horny. I asked them if they wanted to come to my place because I was only a few blocks away. I led those teen boys out of the park and straight to my bedroom. None of them were virgins, but they had never been with a mature woman, so they might as well have been. I had to take charge and teach them a few things like how to eat pussy and last long enough to fuck this phone sex milf. They took direction well and quickly. They ran a train on me in the bed I seep in with my husband. They loved the fact that I was married. What an unexpected afternoon. I got gang banged by spring breakers in my marriage bed.

Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexDiscreet phone sex is something I am good at. I am married. I have been married for several decades and cheating every day since I said “I do.” My husband knows I am a slut wife. He doesn’t always approve of who I fuck, but he keeps his mouth shut. Every now and then, he will watch. His oldest son, my stepson, was visiting this week for a few days. I made that boy a man. I was cuckolding him with his own sons for the first ten years of our marriage. I was sad when his sons grew up and left the house. They can never stay away long, however. Could you? They miss my hairy pussy and my cock sucking skills. This stepson is married with a pregnant wife. She can’t travel because she is in her last trimester. That was fine by me because she has no clue about her husband’s relationship with his horny stepmom. The first night he was here, I fucked him in our marriage bed. My husband was not suppose to be there. He left work early, which he rarely does. Turns out he knows his dirty wife better than I thought he did. He came home to watch me fuck his son like old times. What was different this time, was that he wanted the sloppy seconds of his own son. I was happy to let him clean up my cum filled hairy cunt. He slurped away, eating every last drop of his son’s spunk that was inside me. Talk about a kinky phone sex story. I never thought my husband would suck his son’s cum from his wife’s cunt!

Fetish Phone Sex for Hairy Pussies

fetish phone sexI love fetish phone sex calls.  I am a fetish milf for my hairy pussy alone. It’s like a novelty. Almost every guy I meet is in awe of my bush. It is like my pussy is from the prehistoric era or something. I understand most men under 30 have never seen a hairy cunt, but most like it when they see it.  I had a doctor appointment today. It wasn’t a lady doctor appointment, just my regular GP. His physician’s assistant had me strip and but on a patient gown. I wasn’t wearing any panties because I had yoga pants on, and I didn’t think I would strip naked for a GP visit. The PA was hot, so I teased him.  I put the gown on backwards, so my hairy pussy was in plain view. I played dumb. He bought it, but he had a big boner in his scrub paints. He is 28. I doubt he ever saw a hairy cunt based on the look on his face. I looked at him seductively and purred, “Did I do that?” He was embarrassed, until I just grabbed his cock and asked him if he liked big tits and asses. He just nodded as I started to suck on his cock. Luckily, the doctor was running late. I knew he wouldn’t be checking my pussy any way, so I had a quickie with PA on the exam table. He spewed a load of jizz all over my hairy beaver. My pussy was giving off that scent of a woman, but I doubted the doctor would say anything when he came in. I was wrong. He knew his PA had fucked me. He wanted in on the hairy pussy action too. I am that kinky. I fucked the PA and the doctor. I left healthy and covered in cum. I am not complaining. I love getting fucked in unexpected places.

The Hottest Phone Sex

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex experiences begin here. That is what I tell my callers. I love talking dirty. I look like a New York housewife, but I am a dirty whore at my core. Always have been. A life without kink is a life not worth living. I was out bar hopping last night. I guess you could say I was slumming, because I went to Staten Island to drink with the working class men. I love fucking blue collar men. They are good fucks. They love to fuck nasty too. I was in this one bar with a mob history. I think it is cleaned up now, but its still a hangout for the Italian working class Joes. I walked in, and all eyes were on me. Just how I like it. I started flirting, and the drinks came my way. Next thing I knew, I was in the back room, bent over a pool table getting fucked repeatedly by a bunch of hard working stiffs. Plumbers, electricians and the ilk pulled their cocks out and fucked the dirty milf who was giving it away for free.  After a couple hours of being gang banged by the locals, I was covered in cum and drunk. I called an Uber and went back home to sleep next to my adoring husband.

Kinky Phone Sex with My Husband

kinky phone sexI love sharing kinky phone sex stories. I am a no taboos mature woman. It is funny; so many guys ask me if my husband approves or supports what I do. Listen men, I am a modern, independent woman. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. Women don’t need permission from their husbands to do anything. My husband is my cuckold. I am an alpha woman. I love my husband, but he doesn’t control my every move. I have even had men tell me that I couldn’t be married because no man would let his wife do this. It is hard not to laugh at such archaic notions. I don’t need anyone’s permission to talk dirty. My husband knows what happens when he tries to cage me. When we got married, we had an agreement. I was to be a slut wife. I would fuck whomever I wanted if it didn’t involve his work associates. The other night he tried to think that after 30 years of marriage he could change the rules. He needed what my sissy phone sex callers need, my strap-on up his ass. I had to peg his ass for a good hour to remind him who is the boss in this family. My husband has a small cock. He can’t tell me who I can fuck. He can’t tell me anything. Just like you can’t either. Now, if you have a huge cock, I will get on my needs and suck that fat fuck stick. But, if you are like my husband, shut your mouth or take it in the ass. I think my husband likes being pegged and that is why every now and then he tries to be an alpha male. It doesn’t work for him. He just knows me well enough to know that I will peg any ass that tries to control me.

Hottest Phone Sex is Taboo

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex is taboo. I love family fun. I used to fuck my daddy when I was super young and way before the Internet age. Back in those days, incest was not the hot topic. No one talked about incest like they do today. I was not inspired by the Internet to seduce daddy. It was just in me naturally. I have always enjoyed the taboo things in life. When I got married and started a family, it was natural to seduce my sons and my daughter. My daughter is just like me. She seduced daddy before I could seduce her. It is in her genes to be a family temptress. She is home on spring break. Sadly, she leaves to go back to NYU tomorrow, but she has been mini me all week teasing daddy. She has him wrapped around her finger. He has taken her shopping a thousand times. He even bought her a brand new car. I taught her how to milk daddy’s balls and daddy’s wallet. He is addicted to her tight shaved pussy, but then again, so am I. I have been licking my husband’s old spunk from his baby girl’s pussy all week.

Hottest Phone Sex with a Married Woman

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex is with a married woman. You can fuck me and never need to worry about me breaking up your relationship or wanting you to spend your money on me. I am not a gold digger. I don’t need your money. I just need your cock. It is all that I want. Relationships are complicated, but sex doesn’t need to be complicated. It only needs to be fun. It should only be fun. I picked up a married man at Barnes and Noble yesterday. He was not much younger than me, but clearly married. Normally, I am picking up men half my age. That is only because younger men love phone sex milfs like me and most men my age want those young pussies. If a guy is handsome and responsive to me, I will bounce on his hard cock. Taylor was buying a birthday gift for his wife when I invited him back to my place which was only three blocks away. What an easy seduction. He loved that I was a sexy mature married woman. Young girls want his money or to be his wife. I only wanted his cock in my pussy, ass and mouth. We fucked in the bed I sleep with my husband. My husband is my cuckold, he likes that I fuck other men. Taylor never fucked a woman in her ass. His wife won’t give up the booty. That is not a problem with me. I give up all my holes. I am just a dirty old whore. Would you cheat on your woman with me too?

Phone Sex MILF and Real Estate Whore


phone sex MILFI love being a phone sex MILF. I have two very different sides to me. I am a whore and a Madonna.  I am mostly a whore, however. I can clean up and look the part of a NYC trophy wife. Looks can be deceiving because no matter how I look, I am scoping out the boys and the men in a room. I recently renewed my real estate license, not because I need the money. It was more for something to do besides talking dirty. I have empty nest syndrome with my brood all out of the house now. I had a showing yesterday for this mansion on Long Island. The area is mostly known as a working-class neighborhood mostly famous for Amy Fisher. Many mob families live there in expensive but unassuming homes for the money they do have. This man and his son wanted to see one of the best homes on the island. It is a former crime boss home, so it has novelty appeal. I wasn’t sure he could afford the house, but I didn’t care. Even if he was just a mob enthusiast, I could still fuck him. He was handsome, so was his son. The house was gauche, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to fuck on the marble floor. Turns out they fell in love with the place and wanted to pay cash for it. I am not the bank, I couldn’t take the cash, but I could take the father and son cocks in my fuck holes to celebrate. No rug burns with marble floors. I don’t know what they do for a living; I didn’t care either. It was a sweet deal made sweater by two big cocks up my hairy holes. I almost broke my neck though slipping on the huge cum puddle on the marble floor. We joked about christening the place before the contract was signed. I am going to love being back in real estate.

Kinky Phone Sex Story

kinky phone sexI love kinky phone sex. The older I get, the kinkier I get. I was out last night with my fellow trophy wife, Anne. Like me, she is a MILF with a much older husband which means she is under sexed. We hit the city hard last night. She has a driver and he took us to all the hot spots for picking up younger men. We went to this one cougar bar near NYU’s campus. It is a college bar, but women our age who go there, are looking for college boys to fuck. It is the dead of winter here and in the single digits. It’s so cold, I have no doubt some men have frozen their balls off, so the bars were not crowded.  We weren’t in the bar long before the horny frat boys swarmed us. We bought a few pitchers of beer and checked out the talent.  We couldn’t choose between the 5 boys, so we brought them all back to my place. My husband is out of town visiting our daughter and all my other offspring are grown up too, so the place was empty and perfect for a cougar gangbang. We showed those college studs how they should be fucked. We have no taboos. I sucked the cum out of her ass and pussy and she sucked the cum out of my hairy pussy and ass. We even snowballed their jizz. That is the hottest phone sex when you can look at two women you fucked and watch them swapping your cum like its liquid candy. Anne is a horny cougar just like me. We fucked those boys in every position. We swapped their salty jizz all night long. Her driver took the boys home early this morning just in time for their first class. Because we are mommies, we had them shower here and we made them breakfast too.

Hottest Phone Sex with a Hairy MILF

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is with a sexy milf. I am known in my community as the hairy milf! Boys and men alike love me. My hairy pussy is somewhat of a novelty. Now, I usually keep a trim playground, but I have this one lover who wants me to be the hairiest I can be. I know its so he can see his white cum displayed proudly on my dark bush. He is a Peter North cum shooter. Out of all my lovers, no one cums as much as Alec. He is a Greek man. He is hairy himself. Married man around my age. The funny thing is that he has this cute young trophy wife. It is clear she married him for his money. She fucks him. She is not the kind of trophy wife that cheats on her husband. One day, I asked him why he was cheating on her with me. He told me she won’t keep a hairy pussy. In fact, she got laser treatments, so she would be forever bald between the legs. I normally fuck younger men, but Alec is a great and gifted lover. He is not the most handsome man on the planet, but neither is Ron Jeremy and he can eat pussy like a beast. I know. Ron and I go way back. Anyway, Alec and I have been fucking a few years now. We hook up one weekend a month, when his wife goes out of town to see her sister. I let my sideburns grow out for him because it’s like Viagra for him. He sees my hairy muff and he is erect. It is more than just a phone sex addiction for him. I found out that the reason he loves a hairy pussy so much is that is what his mother had when he was young. Makes sense. A young boy sees his Greek mom naked in the 70s, she is going to have a full bush, all women did then. What ever gets him hard, is fine by me because he is great in bed. I just love that musky scent my hairy beaver gets after our weekends of fucking. It just reminds me of our hot time together.

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