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phone sex whoreA phone sex whore like me has lots of kinky stories. My stepson and his wife spent the weekend with us. They were visiting from upstate New York. My husband knows I fucked his boys, but my stepson’s goody two shoes wife is clueless. My stepson once tried to tell me it was over. That lasted 24 hours. The next day he was sending me dick pictures again and telling me no one satisfies him like I do. Duh. A sexy mature woman always takes care of a man better than some silver spoon born young girl. They met in college, fell in love and married. Ten years into the marriage and she still can’t give head to save her life. The first night they were here, my stepson snuck into my bedroom. The bedroom I share with his father and fucked me with his daddy sound asleep next to me. Now, that was a bold move even for me. He figured since his daddy knew what a whore, he married it would not be a big deal if he woke up. I knew what was going on. He didn’t want his wife to wake up and go looking for him. She would never come into my bedroom looking for her hubby. He wanted his cake and to eat it too. Fuck this phone sex milf and keep his rich bitch lousy lay wife happy. I don’t care what games he plays if he fucks me. He banged the shit out of my pussy and ass with his father snoring next to us. When he slithered back to the guest bedroom, his dick was dripping of my cunt juice and his face smelled like my twat. Hopefully, he stopped off in the bathroom first. The true sign of infidelity is cunt juice on your cock and the smell of pussy on your face.

Kinky Phone Sex with Three Irish Brothers

kinky phone sexI love kinky phone sex. I have a kinky story for you too. Yesterday, we had a pipe burst in the kitchen. My husband is on a golfing trip, so I had to deal with finding a plumber. I love working class men. I looked online to see if I cold find a plumber with some pictures of himself. Many handsome plumbers in NYC.  Most of the handsome plumbers were in the Bronx, Harlem or Queens. I had no doubt they would travel to the city because that is where the money is at. I called this one small outfit. It was brothers, a family business. All of them looked Irish. Maybe Irishmen are not known for having the biggest dicks, but these guys were handsome. And brothers. If I lucked out, I would get at least two of them over for my job. When I told them, I would pay double their normal fee to come out that day, they were in my kitchen in an hour. That is like the speed of lightening to get into downtown NYC. They were rugged, handsome redheads. I greeted them in a see-through night gown. My hairy bush and big tits were peaking through. I got their attention. I got the attention of all three of them. Yes, this horny phone sex milf scored big. First, they fixed my pipe. Then, they unclogged my drain. Oh, my they were adorable. Hung too. I love working class men with their rugged good looks and strong hands. Men who work with their hands are better lovers in my opinion. These three brothers all took a hole. Been a while since I had a cock in each hole and I never had 3 brothers in me at the same time.  I paid them triple for the pleasure of fucking all three of my holes.

Kinky Phone Sex

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex is what I am about. I am married but that don’t stop me from fucking. I fuck my own offspring and even my husband’s sons from his first marriage. I fuck my daughter too. I think I even out kinked myself this week. My oldest stepson has two young angels. Yes, I am a step grandma. I have two super young grand babies I get to see whenever I want now. A girl and a boy. I offered to babysit one night this week while the rest of the family went out. I was excited about bath time. I played with my grand girl’s bald little slit. I slipped a finger up her pussy. Tightest little cunnie ever. It was like her tiny pussy was sucking on my finger. I tugged on my grandson’s little hairless dick too. My pussy was so wet playing with such young genitalia. I wanted to fuck my grandson but his willie was too small to stay in any of my my fuck holes. I sucked him though. I licked her too. They both gave me piss orgasms. I love having sweet young things to groom again and I love being more than just a phone sex granny.

Phone Sex Roleplays

phone sexPhone sex with a mature woman is the best. I have always been a no limits kind of woman. Incest, age play, anal, bukkae and gang bangs are a few of my favorite things. A friend introduced me to Tinder recently. I think I thought it was a gay hook up app but she told me that was Grinder lol. I am technology dumb. I have always gone to Central Park to pick up strays to fuck. I mean it is across the street and thousands of guys to select from any given day. I tried Tinder last night and was happy. I met a young freak in the sheets. He wanted me because I had a hairy pussy like his mother. He wanted a mommy roleplay like this old porn movie called Taboo with Kay Parker. She was the first mommy in porn, well first woman to role play mommy. I liked that movie too. When I first saw it  I was in high school. This guy was 24 and jonesing for a mommy’s love. We did a hot roleplay similar to ones I have done before on milf phone sex calls. Mommy goes to check on her baby boy and finds him stroking his big hard cock. Of course, a good mommy wants to help. I called him my baby boy and he called me mommy. It was a hot random fuck. I lost my shit when he went down on my wet hairy pussy after he fucked me. A boy who cleans up his messes is my kind of boy.

Phone Sex Whore Esmerelda

phone sex whoreI am a phone sex whore because I am a slut in life. I’m not a whore. I don’t take money to fuck.  I am just a nymphomaniac. I love to fuck. Living in NYC gives me access to lots of men. There are the natives and the tourists. I was walking in Central Park when I saw this sexy man. He looked foreign. I have a thing for foreign men. I love a great accent. I asked him a question and he spoke to me in German. I don’t find the German language necessarily sexy, but this was a tall handsome man and he could have spoken Arabic for all I cared. I never let a language barrier stop me from fucking. Sex is a universal language. I just grabbed his crotch and he knew what I wanted. I did that to see if his cock was a big as I hoped. It was bigger. We got back to my place and I sucked his cock. It had to be about 11-inches hard because I struggled to swallow him all. I can deepthroat a 10-inch cock with little difficulty. He moaned so loudly. That German accent sounded so sexy moaning. When he fucked me, I was the one moaning. His cock was beautiful. Hard, long and thick. It was just the fuck I wanted.

Let My Hairy Pussy be Your Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionLet my hairy pussy be your phone sex addiction. I am proud to have a hairy cunt when most girls are bald. I dare to be different. I think a woman my age should have some hair on her cunt. That is a hallmark of being a mature sexy woman. Every now and then I find a guy who refuses to go down on me with a hairy muff but expects me to deepthroat his jungle dick. Not having it. I love sucking cock and I am good at it too but if you won’t go down on me because I have a hairy puss, you aren’t getting head until you manscape. Trust me, it is your loss. I can suck dick better than a gang of porn stars combined. I don’t mind if one of your nappy hairs gets stuck in my teeth, so I expect the same in return. I love oral sex. Hair or no hair. But let’s be real here. If hair is a deal breaker for you, then you have issues because a mature cunt should have some hair. I love flashing my hairy cunt because guys do a double take. I have a nice beaver and it needs to be stuffed with cock, fingers and tongues!

Discreet Phone Sex with a Young Girl

discreet phone sexDiscreet phone sex, I know. I’m having an affair with with a friend’s daughter. She is a school girl. Way younger than my daughter. She is the daughter of a close friend who would kill me if she knew I was molesting her young girl. I love teaching young girls how to eat pussy. If a girl can eat pussy or suck cock, she can go far in life. I can’t give the girl anything but money, but a girl her age wants money to buy clothes, purses and electronics. Her mom thinks she is helping me with some household projects. The truth is I have employed the girl for the summer as my cunt licker. She spends 5 hours a day with me eating and fingering my hairy twat. It is a great life I have, isn’t it? I wanted to keep her all to myself, but a girl her age needs to learn more than just cunt licking. I have a stud lover who paid me a surprise visit yesterday. He was hoping to fuck. He won the lottery because he got to fuck me and a young girl. He gave her the first cock of her life. Popped her cherry right in front of me. I licked her pussy clean afterwards. Cherry pie tastes extra sweet. She likes being a dirty slut. I am happy to pay any young girl to me my summer sex slave.

Phone Sex and Fireworks

phone sexPhone sex was not on my mind on the Fourth of July, but cock was! Cock is always on my mind. My daughter and I went to see the fireworks down by the Brooklyn bridge. It is always a huge crowd. I like to mingle with the working-class Joes. My daughter and I come from money. Silver spoons in our mouths. We went to the fireworks in a limo. We came home in a cab, however, because we stayed and partied with the working-class men of Brooklyn. We went to this dive bar that once was known for mob activity back in John Gotti’s days. This bar is where the docker men and warehouse guys hang out. None of those guys minded slumming with two rich bitches. We did shots, played pool and fucked. My daughter and I have partied in Brooklyn before. Many times. We just find a different bar every time to broaden our horizons. We have fucked plumbers, electricians, construction workers and now the dock workers. All union guys with thick Brooklyn accents and hard cocks. Hard cocks that their women neglect. My daughter and I don’t discriminate when it comes to cock. Those working-class Joes could handle their booze. By that I mean they had no drunk dick issues. My daughter and I have sore pussies as proof. We closed the bar down on our knees. Fucked every bloke in the place. A yellow cab took us home with cum filled cunts. One of the best Fourth of July in a long time.

Group Sex in the New Swingers Club

group sexPeople think group sex is a thing of the past. You know, a 70s swinger’s thing. That is far from the truth. Swinging never went away; it just went underground for a while. The 70s and 80s were a far less moral time. People didn’t let social mores dictate their lives. The lack of caring what people think about you is making a comeback.  I have never cared what people think of me. Call me a slut, call me a whore. Those aren’t negative terms to me because they mean I am enjoying life! New York City is full of sex clubs. This is a kinky city. We have gay sex clubs, BDSM sex clubs, swinger’s sex clubs and just about any legal fetish club you can imagine. I know them all and I have likely been to them all too. I wanted to be there for the inaugural party of a new singer’s club in town. I have orgy fantasies like anyone else. Well, maybe not like anyone else. I am a sex addict. I want lots of sexual partners and at once too! I went to the club solo. The benefit of being a woman is that you can go to sex clubs alone, but men need a partner or a sponsor. I was the belle of the club. I was the only woman there without a husband. That meant none of the women liked me much. I didn’t care. I was willing to get gang banged in the club while wives who were there just to appease their husbands watched me entertain their perverted partners. I took on every man at the club, even the staff. I was so freshly fucked that I left cum stains on the cab seat I was sitting on to get back home. I waddled into my house smelling like jizz and kind of sore. I got into my bed next to my husband and slept like a baby.

I Know Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexI am a trophy wife, so discreet phone sex is something I can deliver. I am discreet in all my affairs and they are plentiful. I am a dirty wife. When I married my husband, he was almost 50. I was 27. He had been married before, but his wife died. I wasn’t looking to settle down yet, but he was wealthy and handsome. I had my own money I inherited, but what I didn’t have was good social standing. He gave me legitimacy to run in certain circles. I am not a social climber. However, it is fun to fuck the husbands of the women who have always looked down on me. Running in the elite circles with the New York City housewives gives me access to their husbands. I have fucked many a high powered, wealthy men in New York City. I know how to be discreet. My husband has never minded who I fuck. He just wants me discreet because he does have a reputation to protect. He recently retired from law, so that reputation doesn’t matter as much as it once did. But I am still discreet because I don’t want my access to the rich and famous of the city denied.

My recent lover is the boy toy husband of the biggest cunt I know. She is an heir to the Saks Fifth Avenue department store fortune. She thinks she is better than anyone in the city. She has seduced many a lover of mine, including my stepsons. It was time for payback. Younger men love me, and her boy toy husband has a wandering eye for me. I am aging gracefully. No Botox or plastic surgery for me. His cunt rich bitch wife, however, is on like her 4th face and her 3rd set of tits. I saw him at a new nightclub last night and made my interest known. It took nothing to get him naked and into my hairy pussy. He fucked me like a sex starved animal. Came 7 times inside me. I thought about it just being our secret, but where is the fun in that? I sent her a picture of her husband eating my pussy. All I said was “Karma is a bitch and so are you.” This phone sex milf always gets her man.

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