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Father’s Day Hot Phone Sex Fun

phone sexWe had a hot phone sex Father’s Day celebration on Sunday. It is no secret that my husband is my cuckold. Once upon a time, he fucked me. His cock is average, but now that he is in his late 60s, his dick has erection issues. I am in my sexual prime, I need a hard, working cock. We have discovered over the past ten years or so that my limp dick husband likes watching me and even our daughter take a big cock. You would never think he was the type to watch the women he loves fuck big black dicks but he is just the type. I had a very special Father’s Day celebration planned. Have you ever heard of the black porn star, Sean Michaels? He was a popular black porn star in the 90s. He is 61 now, but his cock still works. He is a stud for hire now. White men pay him to fuck their wives. In the situation, I paid him to fuck me and my daughter in front of my white husband for Father’s Day. My husband was so excited to see one of the best BBCs fuck his women. Sean loved shaming my husband too. Sean Michaels is only a few years younger than my husband, but his dick is working just as well as it did in all those 90s porn movies. My daughter and I enjoyed having him stuff our tight fuck holes. We enjoyed feeding daddy Sean Michael’s yummy spunk. My fuck holes are still sore! But it was all worth it to give my husband the best Father’s Day present ever. We made a sort of a homemade phone sex porn. Now we have a video of our time with Sean Michaels and his big black dick. It is the gift that will keep on giving.

Kinky Phone Sex Story

kinky phone sexI have a kinky phone sex story to share. I have a strong exhibitionist side to me. I love fucking in public. I enjoy flashing people too. I went to Central Park early this morning to see what kind of trouble I could get into. Turns out a lot of trouble can be found in the park on a Saturday morning. The park was full of tourists and what I call the boys of summer. Young boys and men are all over the park when school is out. All races too. I flashed my big tits to several boys, but there were so many adults around that it was difficult to molest any of them. That was until I got closer to the Central Park zoo. I saw a black teen boy sitting on a park bench staring at me. He was checking out my sexy MILF body. He was brazen that boy. He grabbed his dick and looked me right in the eyes. I sat down on a park bench across from him and spread my legs exposing my mommy pussy. His eyes got big. He met his match. I wasn’t shying away from the bulge in his pants. I knew a spot off the beaten path. Always a risk because cops police the park day and night. He followed me. We found a big oak tree that obscured us from the people hustling and bustling on the path not far away. I rubbed my hairy twat and he stroked his cock inches from each other. Before long he was fucking me up against an oak tree. I never got his name, just his cum up my cunt. And a tree burn on my back from the friction. It was a hot encounter in the woods. Combined a few of my favorite things: younger men, black cocks and exhibitionist sex.

Horny Phone Sex Milf

phone sex milfI love being a phone sex milf. Now that it is summer, I am meeting more and more young men. I went to the Museum of Natural History Sunday. Sure, I am a fan of the cultural arts, but I prefer art galleries when I am feeling art starved. When I am feeling cock starved, I go to the natural history museum because that is where so many young boys and girls hang out for the summer. When I want to fuck, it is my go-to place. I always have luck there because any day of the week there are swarms of young boys hanging out. Both local NYC boys and tourist boys love the Natural History museum. I hit the jackpot Sunday with a group of young local boys. They went to hang out after skateboarding in Central Park.  It was a hot day and they wanted some air conditioning. Boys as young as they were get into the museum free during the summer. Sure, these boys were from Harlem, but do you think that matters to me? I have a roof top pool at my place.  It is not big, but it cools off young lads and lets me show off my body. Of course, I told them we had to skinny dip because I had no trunks for them to wear. I did, but they didn’t have to know that. I wanted to see those young black dicks. What happened in that pool is the stuff of hot phonesex stories.  I had a roof top pool gang bang orgy. It brought back memories of when my sons were younger, and they would bring friends over to play. I still have many more weeks of summer, so be ready boys, this naughty milf is coming for you next. I need to fuck daily.

Hot Phonesex Stripper

hot phonesexI have a hot phonesex story for you. I was feeling extra naughty last night, so was my daughter. I took her to a local gentlemen’s club. It is a high-end club, so only rich men and trust fund boys frequent this club. Turns out it was amateur night. I just thought we would act like a lesbian couple and get some lap dances, but my daughter had another plan. She wanted us to have a little competition. She wanted a strip off lol! If she won amateur night, I was her slave for a week. If I won the contest, she was my bitch for a week. If neither of us won, we would just go home and eat each other out. That was happening whatever the outcome lol. She underestimated the appeal of a sexy milf phone sex slut. I look great for being in my 50s. I have age like a fine wine. I have a smoking hot body. So does my daughter, but I have bigger tits, a hairy pussy and age on my side. And, I have moves like Jagger! I was swinging from a pole when guys started jumping the stage. I was dancing over faces and squatting on cocks. I had a huge wad of cash on the stage too. There were 6 stages with an amateur dancing on each one. I love my daughter, but she only had a few guys at her stage, but that was still a few more than the other amateurs. I won hands down, much to the ire of the others. My daughter doesn’t mind losing to her sexy mommy, but those other young girls couldn’t believe that they lost to an old whore. Never underestimate the lure of an old whore! Guys of all ages are attracted to sexy mommies.

Discreet Phone Sex with My BFF’s Son

discreet phone sexHe wanted discreet phone sex. He needed to know I wouldn’t talk about our encounter to his mother, my best friend. Of course, I would not discuss our naughty encounters. My best female friend is not as open minded as me. She is not really my best friend. We have nothing in common, but I have pretended for years to like yoga, and the Oprah Book Club and shopping at Nordstrom’s to get close to her son. He is so handsome. I noticed him one day at the park with friends. He was impervious to my sexy milf body. I always get my boy, so I did my research and took another approach. Once I was hanging out with mommy, Matthew noticed me more.  I made him notice me. Now he is a high school boy and happy to be banging a sexy phone sex milf. Just one issue. He doesn’t want his mother ever finding out. At first, I thought he had a thing for his mommy because most boys do. He dropped a bombshell on me. His mother is a closet lesbian and she has a crush on me. He thinks his mom would be upset that her son was fucking her girl crush. I love fucking this young stud. He has a 9-inch cock. He stays hard for hours. He jack hammers me in the bedroom. I don’t want to fuck up a good thing, but I can’t stop thinking about a kinky threesome with his mommy.

Hottest Phone Sex Summer

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is with a dirty milf. Now that my daughter is home for the summer, we have been getting into some trouble. She has a nanny job for the summer. Two young lads she is watching are super cute. You know I wanted to meet the boys. Yesterday was my lucky day. She brought them over to our place before taking them to the Bronx zoo. I had just gotten out of the shower. I was still wet. I let my robe fall open so they could check me out. Their eyes got wide and they came closer to me. I got down on my yoga mat and did some downward dog poses and the like to show off my hairy pussy. I wanted those boys to join me in me a game of “Show Me Yours.” My pussy was spread wide and they were inches from my hairy beaver. They pulled out their boy dicks and were tugging on them. I but their boy dicks in my mouth like a dirty phone sex whore and blew their hairless dicks. I wanted them to nut on my hairy pussy, so I stopped blowing them right when I felt their boy balls get tight. As soon as my mouth released, the boy jizz spewed on my hairy beaver. My daughter cleaned up mommy’s messy

Fetish Phone Sex Weekend

fetish phone sexWhat is your fetish phone sex desire? Is it a hairy pussy on a mature woman? I get a lot of calls because of my hairy pussy. I get a lot of cock because of it too, especially with young guys. They have never seen a hairy cunt. Their generation of girls are all bald, so my hairy twat is a novelty. I was partying with my college coed daughter and some frat boys this weekend. It was the last weekend of college. I was there to bring her home for the summer. Of course, I had to stay a few days to help her pack and get gang banged by college boys. This one frat had a huge party. To my surprise, I was not the only milf there. When I went to college, sexy milfs were never at the frat parties unless they were there looking for their jailbait daughter who snuck into the frat house to drink. Nowadays, a milf knows college boys will hammer her pussy. Out of the three mature ladies at this frat party, I was the only one with a hairy twat. That alone made me the most popular woman there. My daughter never gets jealous of her mommy, but the other coeds and milfs sure did. I got all the college cock in the place and thrust me, that was a lot. It was a fun end of the school year bash. My daughter is home now for the summer and we are going to see what kind of trouble we can stir up in the city.

Naughty Phone Sex Milf on the Beach

phone sex milfI love being a phone sex milf. I was feeling horny today. It was senior ditch day yesterday around here. It has been a long-time tradition in high schools across America. I decided to head to Coney Island. It is a favorite hangout on a sunny day for the seniors who skip class. I was walking up and down the boardwalk checking out the talent. It is nice to have choices. I saw some high school boys on the coast, so I walked over near them and started flashing my hairy bush. I got their attention. I would be a great senior ditch story to bang a cougar, right? I had group sex on the beach with seniors. Coney Island is not open yet, but you can still walk along the beach and check things out. We found a private area behind a roller coaster. I got on all fours and let them gang bang me. They took turns on my ass and pussy. They couldn’t believe their luck. They ditched school and got to fuck a hot mom. A hot mom with a hairy pussy down to get gang banged by teen boys. It has been awhile since I have been to Coney Island. If I can pick up hard and horny teen boys, I will go visit every day.

Hottest Phone Sex is Incest

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex stories for me involve incest. I love family fun. I had a hot treat last night. Both my step sons joined us for a family dinner. They are all grown up now, but I raised them. They think of me as their mommy. I taught them everything they needed to know about pleasing women. Now they are all grown up and married with little ones of their own. That doesn’t mean they don’t want me anymore. A young boy never forgets who took his cherry. After dinner, I had desert in the form of two hard cocks. Two neglected cocks. Two cocks that are attached to young men who call me mommy. I got on my knees like a horny phone sex milf and blew my stepsons like the old days. The only difference is now their cocks have hair and are much bigger. They grew into fine men. They grew into kinky porn stars. They tag teamed in front of their own father. He always did like watching. My husband has forever had dick issues, but thankfully he never passed that on to his sons. They still get hard with a smile. My husband’s old dick got hard watching his boys take care of his wife. Something he has not been able to do in decades. My husband got a nice after dinner treat too. He got to suck his sons’ cum out of my pussy and ass. We are a kinky family and I love it.

Kinky Phone Sex Story

kinky phone sexI have a kinky phone sex story for you. I was asked to babysit a little girl last night. She is a young school girl. The nanny bailed last minute because of a family emergency.  Esmerelda to the rescue. Honestly, for once, I had no cock plans. After the little girl fell asleep, I got horny. I broke out my big black suction cup dildo and started bouncing on it. She woke up to pee of course, and found my hairy twat riding a big plastic toy. She was watching me intently. I had her come over closer. I mean I was horny. I was not stopping because I had a audience, no matter how young she was. She got close enough that I ended up squirting my cunt juice all over her face. She just giggled and told me my pee tasted sweet. That made me hornier. A girl is never too young to learn about pleasing mature women, right? I had her between my legs cleaning up my mess. I had her lick the dildo clean too. At her age they take direction well. I played with her tight pink bald cunt and it brought back memories of my time with my daughter when she was that age too. It was a hot night. I swore the girl to secrecy and then told her parents, I was happy to watch their cute girl anytime.

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