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Kinky Phone Sex with My Daughter

kinky phone sexMy daughter is home for the holidays. She was looking through my scrapbook and found a picture of me and the late great Hugh Hefner. She was shocked and impressed. She knows I am a nasty freak. She just had no idea I have played at the Playboy Mansion before. I have lots of hot secrets. As I was telling her my Playboy experience, she went down between my legs and ate my pussy. She loves her mommy’s cunt. In her eyes, I am a rock star. She aspires to be a mega whore like her mommy. She is there already. Right before she came home, she had a frat house gangbang. She made her mommy proud doing 100 college boys. She took cocks in her pussy and her ass. She got coated in cum. When she ate my cunt, I told her some of my dirty phone sex stories like fucking Hugh Hefner and eating a few playmate cunts. She is bisexual like me. I think any smart woman is because pussy and cock are equally good. We spent the night in bed eating each other out, sharing dirty stories and fucking with our double-sided dildo. I can’t wait until Christmas break when she is home for longer.

Kinky Phone Sex Fun

kinky phone sexI love kinky phone sex calls. I am a kinky milf. I have been a naughty woman since I was a schoolgirl. I seduced my father when I was still wearing a training bra. I got kicked out of my fancy private school for fucking the teachers. Age has not slowed me down either. My close girl friends know I fuck their husbands and sons. I was fucking my friends’ fathers when I was young. Now I settle for their sons and husbands. Tina is one of my closest friends. He husband is not that attractive, but her teen son is smoking hot. He is the star quarterback of his high school team. I have been fucking him for a few years now. She knows. She just doesn’t want to watch or know the details. I guess I get that. I have long wanted her to join in though. She busted us Friday night by accident. She was supposed to be coming home late. He texted me for a booty call and I answered. I was swallowing his load when she came into the room. We were shocked, but we didn’t stop. We got shocked further when she took off her clothes and joined us for group sex. I guess she was tired of not being involved in the fun. We sucked his cock together which resulted in the biggest cum shot to our faces. I licked her son’s jizz off her face. We were going crazy snowballing his young cum. I told her she should be fucking her boy too. She finally agreed. Years of jealousy have eaten at her and she was ready to ride her son’s young, hard cock. I guess I had primed his dick for her. I helped her guide his throbbing cock in her sweet mommy pussy. She almost came when he entered her. I was watching a mother and son fuck for the first time and it was fucking hot.

Kinky Phone Sex with The Maid’s Daughter

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex is my jam. I am always looking for more ways to get naughty. I am an exhibitionist. I am a woman who loves an audience. I don’t care how old or young my audience is either. We have a Hispanic house keeper. She comes to the house three times a week. My husband got her citizenship taken care of years ago before Trump, so she is safe. She doesn’t speak much English. I have taught her a few things. Her daughter is fluent in English. She was in diapers when her mother first started working for us. That was 7 years ago. She is a cute young thing now. She was in tow with her momma yesterday. It was a Sunday, so she had no school. I never have a problem with her coming to work with her mommy. While Maria was cleaning, her daughter was watching a movie or so I thought. I was horny, so I went to my bedroom to bounce on my black suction cup dildo. Maria’s baby girl came in unannounced while I was bouncing away without a care in the world. My hairy pussy was spread wide with a big black dildo in it. I didn’t stop. She watched me in awe. I had her lift up her little dress and pull her panties to the side. I looked at her sweet little cunnie while I came hard. She walked close to me so I could lick her. She giggled and purred as I tongued her bald slit. Might have been the hardest I have ever cum. If Maria ever finds out, I will just give her money. She owes my husband and I for being here legally now. I am sure she would turn a blind eye to any fun I have with her sweet baby girl.

My Nephew’s Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionHe told me he could see why I was a phone sex addiction to so many men. My nephew knows what I do for a living. He also knows that I don’t have to work. I just talk dirty because it is fun. He asked to see my hairy pussy. I asked him how he knew I had one and he confessed that he has been on my site many times. He told me he jacks off to me daily. He is not old enough to make an official call, but he doesn’t need to pay for a phone bone because he can fuck me. Although, I have never fucked him, there was no reason not to fuck him now. His cock was too small to fit in my pussy or ass on his last visit, but he has done a lot of growing in the last year. In all the right places too. I sat on the kitchen sink with my legs spread showing off my hairy pussy. I started playing with my cunt while he watched in amazement. I even used the water hose on the sink to cum. I was having one orgasm after another as I watched my nephew beat his dick looking at me. I couldn’t just watch. I am a horny lady. I hopped off the counter and guided him into the bedroom to fuck. He was a virgin. His sexy aunt took his virginity. Now, I have ruined him for girls his own age and bald shaved pussy!

Kinky Phone Sex

kinky phone sexI love kinky phone sex. I have been a nasty little slut for many decades. The older I get, the nastier I get. I was fucking this man in his late 30s the other night. He told me his wife was out of town. She was gone; however, he was not home alone. He had his daughter with him. He thought she was fast asleep, but I guess my moaning woke up the tot. She was like, “you’re not mommy,” when she came into the room. He was embarrassed. He was trying to get her to go back to bed. I don’t think he had any clue what a nasty freak he was fucking. I had the girl get into bed with us. Daddy didn’t stop me. His eyes lit up. Most fathers think of their baby girls, but they can’t tell their wives or they may go to prison. I am not that kind of wife.  I am a good wife. I had his little girl sitting on my face. I licked her little bald cunnie. She was giggling as she rode my tongue. Her father was watching intently as I licked his super young daughter’s little slit. I knew he wanted to fuck her. His cock grew about 3-inches once she hopped on my face. I told him to fuck her. He was scared he would hurt her, and his wife would find out. I know all the tricks on how to get a grown ass cock inside a tiny pink cunnie or butthole. I was a stranger to him, but he trusted me. I helped him fuck his baby girl for the first time. It was so hot to watch a dad fuck his baby girl. I know he liked it more than she did, but she will grow to love her daddy’s dick. I hope I get to watch them again. He owes me future watching privileges. I am the one that got him to fuck that sweet young cunt.


The Hottest Phone Sex in the Yoga Studio

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is always with an older woman. I was at the gym yesterday morning. I do yoga and Pilates to stay limber and pick up millennials. The yoga instructor yesterday morning at the gym was this buff long haired dude. He was helping me stretch and I felt the bulge in his shorts. I was in love.  I wanted his cock. I was pretty sure he wanted me too. Once everyone left the studio, he asked me to stay back. He offered me private lessons. I flat out asked him if that was code to fuck. He giggled and said that could be arranged. I was not interested in honing my downward dog. I wanted to fuck. I wanted his twenty something hipster cock in my hairy pussy. He locked the studio and we fucked on a floor mat. The studio was heated because it was hot yoga. We just put the hot in the hot phonesex. He told me he was hoping I had a hairy pussy. His cock was big and hard and sweaty. He drilled his cock in my pussy like a porn star. I was so hot, but damn, it was worth it. That’s the way to lose weight and stay in shape. Fuck yoga in 110 degree room. Fuck in a 110 degree room. I got filled with cum and lost 5 pounds.

I’m in the Buisness of Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexI am in the business of discreet phone sex. I understand your wife or partner wouldn’t appreciate you phone fucking me. I have an open marriage, but few people do. My husband likes to watch me fuck other men, but I understand your wife may not be so liberal. I always assume when I am with a married lover that his wife would not want to watch or even know what I was doing with her hubby. I went home with a married man last night. We met in a bar. He told me he lived around the corner and that his wife was out of town. He was my age, which was rare. Normally, I am fucking much younger men, married or not. But Morgan was sexy, wealthy and hung. I could feel the boner in his pants as we slow danced. A man bringing me to his house was unusual, but I believed him because men rarely lie about their wives. He didn’t lie about being married. He lied about her being out of town. When I saw her in the living room when he opened his door, I freaked out. I am a lover not a fighter lol. It became clear quickly that I was there more for her than him. They wanted a sexy mature woman to spice up their love life. She was sexy as fuck. Younger. Clearly a trophy wife, but I like younger women too. It was less group sex and more girl on girl action with hubby watching and stroking his cock. Wifey had never eaten a hairy pussy before, but she had awesome pussy eating skills. She made me squirt on her face. We made her husband squirt several times. Normally, I would never pass the chance to fuck a man with a 9-inch hard cock, but his wife was fine and was eating me better than any man has before. I just got lost in her thighs and enjoyed a night of a spouse watching me.

Hot Phonesex MILF

hot phonesexI put the hot in hot phonesex! My daughter is home for a few days for her fall break. She is in her sophomore year at NYU. She wanted to throw an early Halloween party for some of her former high school posse. I was happy to host a Halloween party. I love costumes and young boys and girls. The party got wild. That is to be expected when the mom looks like me. All my daughter’s high school male friends were hot for me then. Many of them I fucked when they were in high school still. Nothing has changed. I am still the hot milf her friends want to gangbang. I was known as the sexy soccer mom.  This party was a reunion for me. Once we had some spirted spirts in us, the party was on. About 20 former high school boys gang banged me on the back patio. We have a brownstone, so high privacy fences. It was chilly outside, but the booze made me feel warmer and the hot jizz that was spraying me warmed me up quickly. My daughter loved watching me be a gangbang whore for her high school posse. She even licked the cum off my body. That was a lot of cum too. Is a nasty no taboos mommy your phone sex addiction? I know my daughter’s high school friends are addicted to this sexy MILF.

Phone Sex Milf and the Physician’s Assistant

Phone sex milfThis phone sex milf had a doctor’s appointment the other day. I just needed my flu shot. I only saw the physician’s assistant and he was a hunk. I flirted shamelessly with him hoping I could get him to fuck me. The ones with professional codes of ethics they must adhere to are the biggest challenge and I love a challenge. I started by making sly jokes about an ache in my vagina. He knew what I was doing. He smiled and told me to be good. I retorted, “I am much better when I am naughty.” That is the truth. I am a great bad girl. I didn’t let up until I saw the boner in his pants. Once I saw that, I knew the battle was over. I unzipped his pants and showed him how good my throat was working! Once his throbbing cock hit my lips, he was mine. I rode his cock hard on top of the exam table. I put on his stethoscope and listened to his heart racing as I fucked his cock hard. He was out of breath. I think he needs more cardiac workouts. I told him I was available daily to help him out. I think my hairy pussy and milf skills will become his next phone sex addiction. Wanna play doctor too?

Group Sex in a Swinger’s Club

group sexI love group sex. When my husband was younger, we were swingers. I’m not old enough to have been a swinger in its heyday but swinging never really went away. It just went underground and became less discussed in social circles. I don’t know why people are ashamed to admit they enjoy sex. I am proud to tell people I am a kinky woman. I enjoy getting fucked. I love being kinky. My husband can’t get hard like he once could, but he will go with me to swingers’ clubs and parties. He likes to watch. We went upstate this weekend to check out a new swingers’ club. It was full of men with very few women. Normally, it is either an equal mix or more women. I had never seen it like this before. My husband told me that I could be the star of the club. He was right. I gathered up the few girls in the place and told them we were going to just have one big orgy with the men in the club. Do you have orgy fantasies? We were going to fuck every guy in the place. There were like 20 guys to each girl. So, us four girls each had about 80 men because every guy wanted to fuck each of us. I was the oldest and the only one with a hairy pussy. Two women were in their thirties and married to men in the mix and one girl was 26. She was a trophy wife and came with her husband who wanted to watch her get fucked. Her husband sat with my husband and watched the four wives get gang banged by men ranging in age from 21-65. It was the most men I had ever done in a night. The club is new and didn’t understand to not let in single men if not enough single women, but opening night was a bang. It was a gang bang.

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