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My step brother was sitting on the bed. I was kneeled in front of him and sucking his fat white cock. Living in the same house with him has been torture for me. I am sure he felt the same. His mom and my mom just got married. We are suppose to be brother and sister now. My young hormones were raging and so was his. So i decided to give him a blowjob. I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth like the dirty little slut I am. This had my brown juicy pussy leaking its honey all down my leg. I kept sucking harder and sloppier. All of a sudden the bedroom door flew open and I did not stop. There stood my mom! I did not stop because I wanted her to see how much of a slut her little girl really is. To my surprise she just stood there and watched. Almost as if she was enjoying it. I saw her grab her breast and fondle them. This must have excited my brother because he instantly exploded in my mouth. Cum dripped down my cheeks. This Fantasy Phone Sex is what I have been wanting ever since my mom moved him and his dad in. Now I get to be my brother’s keeper and fuck and suck his long white cock everyday. My mom does not seem to mind. That is even better. Maybe I can get my step-dad in on the fun.

P-mommy loves Little girl phone sex

Little girl phone sex

Little girl phone sex always gets my pussy juices flowing. I love to talk about fucking my little princess. I have one caller who loves to hear me play with my vibrating dildo while I tease my pussy. We talk for hours and hours about fucking my little mini me. I have three little Diva’s but there is one that I love the most. She gets my pussy so wet. She is just the perfect age for mommy to groom. Although she is still learning she is at the right age to fully understand what it truly means to please mommy’s pussy. Hell, she pleases a dick like no other! I even think she is better than me. I have to give it to her. She is definitely what you would call a natural in the game.I love to share my sex stories about my little Diva in the making.

Orgy Fantasies Phone Sex

Orgy Fantasies Orgy fantasies are always the best! They are even better when they are actually in real life. I attend an orgy party just about every weekend.There is this club where you walk into and it is completely dark. There is a touch of lighting to light up the whole room. It gives off the aura that everyone is glowing. You pick a corner of the room or just walk up to any group you desire. Of course I am completely naked once I walk into the room. People are fucking left and right.I just walk up to any dick and starting sucking. I spread my legs as any woman or man comes and start licking this chocolate pussy like an ice cream cone.I loved to be fucked and gangbanged. I always come out of there with a sore pussy and cu dripping down my legs. I have so many stories about my orgy parties. Do you want to hear a few? Or would you like to come to with me to an orgy party?

Kinky Phone Sex Tale

kinky phone sexYou are never too old to be a hooker. I love spreading my legs for money. Men pay great money to fuck this black milf. Look at me? I look good for any age. Men adore me, boys do too. I moonlight at the strip club downtown a couple nights a week. I do it more for the coke than the cash, although I do meet some Johns there. I met a John there the other night. The funny thing is he hired me for his wife not himself. That was a first. I wanted the cash because he was offering me more than most guys do. I knew there had to be a catch, but I didn’t really care. I agreed to the deal. He threw in a big bag of my favorite party supply which of course sweetened the deal. I was prepared for the worst. I figured I would see a fat old bitch who had not been laid since Clinton was president. It was the opposite. In fact, his wife sent him looking for a mature black slut. They like to keep their sex lives interesting. I will be the spice to anyone’s relationship if they are paying! His wife wanted to fuck an black girl with a strap-on. That is what cocaine is for. I did a line off the hubby’s cock and let her fuck my ass and my cunt. She was brutal. That was the catch. That was why I was paid so well to fuck a woman. I am walking funny today, but it is nothing money and coke won’t fix.

Black Pussy is a Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionMy black pussy will be your next phone sex addiction. Something about black pussy that makes white men crazy. I have a new neighbor and he is hot. I knew it would not be long before he came sniffing around. Last night, he knocked on my door with some lame excuse he locked himself out of his house. He is married and as far as I could tell, the moment his wife left for her new job, he was over at my place. He acted nervous. I was probably the first black girl he had ever spoken too. I poured him a drink and cut to the chase. I told him I knew he was here because he wanted to get his swirl on. He blushed, tried to deny it, but when I undid my blouse and exposed my big chocolate tits, he was all over me like a cheap suit. I told him to slow down. You wanna be with this exotic ebony, you must work for it. I made him go down on me first. He had never licked a black pussy, but he was tonguing my slit like he was looking for gold. I started squirting all over his face. The boy had skills; he just needed some direction. White men have always been weak for me. I think they always will be. I just gained another white slave. Men are easily addicted to me.

Phone Sex Breeding Mama

I’m your ebony phone sex whore that can’t get enough of that hot interracial fucking. I love popping out little black girls from this Milf chocolate fuck hole of mine. What I would love is to make a kinky oreo cookie together your white cream filling my chocolate ass cheeks to make a sweet beautiful mess. Maybe we could share that white boy cock, you know my young offspring and mommy lapping at whiteys big throbbing cock. I bet that cock looks damned good slipping into a tiny chocolate cuny, don’t you think Master? My little sluts are well good and ready to be bred like little breeding factories, popping out those sperm flowers like they were a fucking pez dispenser. The only thing we need is plenty of that white spunk to swim on up to their little over developed cervix’s that are just readying to have your seed planted in them. I love the way that white dick looks between those tiny bubble round booties of my little’s and I bet you will bust when you see how well these little whores are developed. Nothing like some nice young cuny’s and big bootiful titties ready to start producing milk. Cum in some chocolate pussy tonight sexy.

Phone sex

Hottest Phone Sex with My Neighbor

hottest phone sexI have a new admirer. My neighbor has been spying on me. I know he has a bad case of jungle fever. He is married, but that doesn’t stop me from flirting. I knew he was home alone today. He didn’t go to work, so I decided to give him a show. I went down to get my paper off my stoop naked. I shook my black ass knowing full well he was jacking off watching me. When I bent over to pick up my paper, I made sure he saw my hot black ass and my juicy black cunt. I even turned my head and gave him an acknowledging smile. I was not inside my house for more than 5 minutes when he knocked on my door. His hard, white cock was in his hand. I looked at him coyly and asked him if he needed a hand. He just nodded enthusiastically. Normally, my neighbors are lusting after my little angels. This new neighbor just wanted my chocolate pussy. I gave him that and more. I sucked his dick like I was trying to suck the white off his cock. I let him fuck my black ass too. A handsome man has jungle fever, my black holes just open wide.

I have a home brothel

kinky phone sexI have a home brothel of little black sluts. I learned early in life that taboo sex is a profitable business. You mix race play in with it and I am sitting high on the hog thanks to my ebony body and my little Nubian princesses. They love to show off for white daddies. I have this fat cat addicted to tender age black cunnie. He was fucking me when I was a teen girl. He picked me up on the street corner I was working just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. He gave me the taste for the finer things in life. He also gave me my first little girl. His jungle fever and P needs gets me a handsome monthly sum. I can keep secrets because it pays to be a white man’s dirty secret. I don’t see him regularly because of his family and business but the cash is in my account like clockwork every month. He managed to sneak in some time to see his favorite girls last night. I have a few other daughters now too, but when he arrives it is his baby girl he wants to fuck. She is even younger than I was when he first fucked me. He gets older and his pussy gets younger. He brought toys and gifts for everyone but he only fucked his baby girl. His big white thick dick looks so good going into her tight black cunnie. A little black girl’s pussy is so pretty. Chocolate on the outside and bright pink on the inside. Daddy didn’t have much time for his girls but he got what he needed and we all got what we wanted money and presents. You spoil us, we spoil you.

Kinky Phone sex

Kinky Phone sex



I love when a man get me warmed up before we actually have sex and I think kinky phone sex is the best. listening to him tell me about that nasty things him and his friends are going to do to me it gets me all excited and wet. I wanna here how you like  big tits and asses and hot phone sex between us make the best phone sex he tells me how him and his friend are going to get me down on my knees and and take turns gang banging my mouth and slapping there cocks all over my face and then he said they where going to turn me around and lift me up in the air while they all have they way with me and gang bang this pussy the right right and bust this ass hole open and nut all over me like the slut I am when I’m done now I’m so ready to go over there and ready for him and his friends to run right threw me just hearing this daddy phone sex 

slutty Echo

Group sex

Group sex


Not everybody is experienced as me when it comes to sex but I definitely know what I’m doing and I really love to get kinky and Nasty. Not many girls can handle a really big dick but leave it to Echo with no problem. I get so kinky and freaky I can do 3 dicks at one time something about just one is not enough for me. I like to see how many can fit in my mouth at one time and how many I can please all at once. Let me go to work and I will get that dick hard and wet in no time and standing up ready to be swallowed up. When they are all ready I enjoy letting them release all over my face and lick it up tastefully.  Nobody sucks dick better than me and if you give me a chance I can prove it so you big daddy.

Sexy slut Echo




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