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No limits to make you cum

No limits phone sex

I needed to get away for a bit and did not want to go to my Sports club to work out. So I decided to go to a local gym down the street. What I didn’t know was I would be drenched from head to toe with sweat. But not from working out. Drench with sweat and cum that is.

Once, I arrived inside to my surprise the gym was not packed at all. Only people that were present were the employees. It was one female and two males. I caught them staring at my body. Checking me out. I paid it no mind at first but I still felt their eyes all over me. After all the female did have a nice pair of tits on her. And from the looks of those two white guys I am sure their white cocks was a nice size as well. I could use a little cream in my coffee today. My mouth started to water at the thought of their cocks inside of my wet mouth.

I begin to run on the treadmill. My big brown titties bounced up and down and ass was wiggling from the back. Both men walked by me at least three times. I gave them a look as if I wanted to fuck. They must have read my mind. After the fourth time of them passing by I asked the gentleman could I help them and they said yes follow me. They took me to the back office and to my surprise the female was there too. They both whipped out their hard white cocks and the female worker just stared in awe. She begin to play with her cunt as I slurped up their cocks like it was my last meal. Before I knew it I was covered in all of their warm hot jeez. I exercised my ass off that day. Well my jaws that is!

Fucking my daddy’s boss

Daddy phone sex

Daddy knows I like a hard white cock to ride on. Sometimes Daddy adds a little fun to both of our lives by bringing in a third wheel to come join our little family fuck fest. I get to bust a good nut and Daddy gets a raise by his boss. In which he will spoil me with all kinds of expensive gifts. I am his favorite daughter. Nobody sucks a dick like me. Nobody can fuck like me. He reminds me just how good I am and how much of a slut whore I am when he is drilling his big black cock into my asshole. I love it when my dad’s boss comes to fuck me. He has the biggest and longest white cock I have ever seen. I like to bounce my big brown ass onto his hard swollen cock while my dad watches. He is sometimes in the corner jacking off and watching me get fucked. Or often times he has his big black hard dick inside of my mouth. All the while his boss is fucking my cunt until it is sore. I make daddy lick my cunt after his boss has busted a nut inside of my pussy. Do you want to come fuck this tight wet cunt while my daddy watches? Having an audience gets me so fucking wet. I can fuck all night long while daddy watches me.

Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

Every week this P-mommy has a fuck session with some random guy. This particular night I let this guy fuck my face while my little whores in making watch. Of course they are each playing with thier little cunnys. Their legs spread all the way open. All three of them sitting at the edge of the bed. The sight of those tiny, smooth, and tight little pussys makes this P-mommy so wet. I am sucking on this hard 10 inch white popsicle of a cock at the same time. He is also mesmerized by my little black whores. I even let him take the head of his dick and let him dip it into each one of my girls. They moaned with ease and just a tad bit of discomfort. I let them lick the juices off of his dick. His eyes rolled in the back of his head once all three little fuck whores were tonguing his already so stiff dick. Just like that he exploded all over their little tiny faces. Like a good P-mommy. I cleaned my little girls faces with my tongue. Licking every last drop of hot semen spread onto them like butter. Who can mommy fuck next in front of my little whores? How about you! Your dick is hard and ready. I can already tell.

Anal PhOnE SeX

Anal phone sex

While my sister was away on a business trip. I let her boyfriend ram his big thick black cock into my asshole. He spread my asshole so wide that night I didn’t think it would ever go back to its normal size. I had been wanting to fuck him. I always caught him watching me walk by. I would make my ass bounce even more just because I knew he was looking. I knew my sister was away and he was home alone. So I knocked on the door and pretended I forgot something at their house. When Jeff’s fine chocolate ass invited me in. I knew it was all she wrote. Not even 10 minutes later his cock was hard and filling up my asshole. Each pump got deeper and deeper until his cum filled me up like a twinkie. He got even nastier when he tongue fucked my asshole. Licking all of his cum then spitting it into my mouth. Let’s just say we fucked for the rest of the week. Want to hear more of our fuck stories? I bet your dick is rock hard right now! Mmmm Let me take good care of you.

P-mommy story

Phone perverts Paradise


I always let my little whores in training watch as this P-mommy gets fucked so hard by a big white swollen cock. I like to show them a visual of how to get fucked properly. After the visual of course it’s hands on from there. My three little sluts are at the edge of the bed and mommy is on the table laid on her back. My legs are spread open in the air. My favorite client is pounding this P-mommy’s insides with deep hard long thrust. I make my little cum whores play with their little smooth bald cunnys. I need them nice and hot for my client. I want his hard white swollen muscle to ease inside my girls with ease. After mommy gets fucked I let my client have his way with their tight smooth black cunts. Mommy is going to be swimming in dough. He pays top dollar every time he fucks my princesses. They love it to. One is licking his balls. The other is sucking his cock while he is eating the youngest ones pussy. He has bust three nuts into my girls. Since my mini me’s have done such a good job I am going to take them shopping and then home so we can play with each other’s pussy all night long. They enjoy playing with mommy.

P-mommy’s little cum whores

Little girl phone sex

He had just moved into the neighborhood. Within a day he was already filling my cum holes with his dick.He was giving me lots of cash to fuck my little cum whores to. Everyday after work all 5 of us would meet at his place for one big fuck session. Being the nastiest cum eating P-mommy I can be. I made him rotate his cock into my pussy like clock work. Once he shooted his protein filling inside of tight pink colored cunt. I had each of my girls come lick P-mommy’s pussy. You should have seen those little whores. Licking away like 4 little kittens drinking milk. Those little tongues lapping away on my clit. As the neighbor’s cum dripped from their mouths. Mr. Roger’s cock always got super rock hard watching my little brats drink his milk flavored cream from my cunt. He lines them up across his California king bed to penetrate those tight little holes. One by One. I am counting my cash by this time. You know my little sluts have to make P-mommy some money. The bills have to be paid so somebody’s cock need to be pleased. Since they have made such a good profit. Mommy is going to lick thier little cunny’s until they cum to show my appreciation.

No limitations

No limits phone sex


My cunt has no limits. As for being a milf and example to my daughters I have no limits for them as well. I’m teaching these little whores how to be the baddest cum filled whores on the planet. I let my trick come over and let’s say we played a fair game of show and fuck. I lined my little bitches on the couch. Their little legs spread wide open exposing their little cunts. Their tiny little fingers inside their pussy. I demanded their eyes be glued on mommy and the BBC of a man I had with me. This man bent me over the couch and stuck his massive black cock into my asshole. That was the lesson of the day for my little bitches. How to properly take a huge black cock into your asshole like a true champ. No squirming. No backing away. Just taking that black dick in the ass and loving every minute of it. Next each one will have their turn to for their assholes to be stretched out. You should come enjoy the show.

P-mommy Echo


NNothiLittle girl phone sex

Nothing is to over the top for this P-mommy. I introduce my little whores to all sides of sex. I hold no bars when it comes to exposing them to the real world and what their tight little cunnys are truly made for. Often times this P-mommy invites a trick over and make all three of them watch mommy. Mommy sucks and fucks this John all night long and these little bitches have to lay back on the bed and watch. They must keep playing with thier cunts and also each others. They must not stop! If they fail to abide by my rules then they know what comes next. Mommy sticks a 12 inch Dildo up their tight assholes. This does not go for one it goes for all. If one little bitch whore of mine does not listen then all 3 get punished. This is just how this P-mommy rolls. I have to teach them right. So far so good. They know how to suck a mean dick and get thier cunnys stretched out. I may just stick the dildo up their ass for the fuck of it.

My New White Stepdad

Daddy phone sexI was introduced to this older white man whom my mom ended up marrying. So I guess now you can call this old ass white man my stepdad. The thing was he had a nice size cock and he knew how to eat pussy. At least that was what my mom said. I later found out to be true. My mom was at work and I was home alone with stepdad. I was just about to head out when I noticed him sitting by the pool. I figured this would be the perfect time to see what all the fuss was about. After all who doesn’t like Daddy phone sex? I had on a small white tee with no bra. My round black tits were poking out and my nipples screamed to be licked. My step dad reached up and pinch one of them before I could even say anything. Damn this would be easier then I thought. I knew right then I was going to be fucking the shit out of him and having my fat brown colored cunt all in his face right there by the pool. He slid my thong down and started to taste this juicy cunt. His 9 inch cock instantly got hard. I bent down and devoured all of his white meat into my mouth. Making sure my big lips grabbed a hold of all of his cock. From the base of that motherfucker right up to the tip. I wanted to suck the soul right out of that white stepdaddy dick. I wanted him to know I was far more better than my mom. I knew he had a lot of money and I wanted in on the action. I rode daddy’s hard pulsating cock until he creampied my cunt with all of his experior white cream nut. I let it dripped out of my slit and stuck two fingers inside and begin to lick it off my hand like a kitty cat. Step dad said he will take good care of me and handed me a hand full of cash. Mission accomplished! I know come tomorrow I am going to fuck him right there in front of my mom. Do you care to call in and listen? Mmmmhmmm I know your dick is hard and you need to rub it out to the sound of us fucking. 

I have No limits

MyNo limits phone sexMy pussy craves a rough hard cock handling my insides. I don’t care who fucks me. Even if it is by my own fucking Dad. It feels so fucking good so why not? He has been handling my sweet wet pussy since as long as I could remember. I was just starting to use the toilet for goodness sakes! He told me since I was a little youngin that he was going to teach me how to be a slutty whore. That my pussy was made to be fucked and my mouth was made to be sucked.  Often times when I knew he was about to come home from work. I would twirl  my pearl tongue around in circle with my fingers. My mind constantly thinking about  dad’s throbbing rod fucking the shit out of my sweet black cunt. If dad had to work late I would call  up my Uncle. He gladly gave me his stiffened serpent. Feeding my pussy because she was hungry for his white thick cream. I have No limits phone sex when it comes to my pussy. When I am horny just feed me some dick. Rather father or Uncle. You see my pussy wants all kinds of dick. Even yours! Come feed her Daddy!

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