Your Mistress Makes It Better

Mistress phone sex

If it weren’t for mistress phone sex then all of you guys with bitch ass wives would go fucking crazy, no doubt!  Where else would you go to relieve the stress that day to day life builds up in you?  Yeah, you could vent to your friends and I’m sure they can even commiserate, but I don’t think you want them to help you blow off some steam by blowing a few loads, do you?  I didn’t think so.

You can tell me everything without worry, your cuntbag wife will never find out.  I know I’m not going to say anything.  Loose lips sink ships, what you tell me stays between us.  Just like what we do together, how we fuck is our business and no one else’s.  I mean, I might tell a girlfriend or two, but I won’t mention any names.  Even if I do, they don’t know you.  And even if they do, I don’t really care.  They’re cool.

I love doing things to your body that your pushy prude of a wife would absolutely hate doing while you tell me how annoying she is.  I get to see the stress lift off of you like a weight while I ride your rod like a cowgirl in a horse race.  I can tell she’s the furthest thing from your mind, at that point.  Plus, there’s something about having my tongue buried deep in your butthole that makes her nagging a little bit easier to take, isn’t there?  I thought so.


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