Young Stud Busted His Load Up My Mature Cunt!

Big tits and assesMerry Christmas from your local neighborhood MILF who is always ready for a pounding from anyone ready to fuck. Do you like my Christmas outfit baby? Or lack there of I should say lol. I made sure to get myself dressed up like the prettiest slut so all my neighbors would come over for a holiday treat. Troy jumped right on the opportunity once he saw me prancing outside my door looking like a whore for cock. 

I can’t lie; I was pretty desperate for attention and very needy for some cock and cum. Plus I knew Troy’s parents weren’t home and he loved MILFs. He always stares at me when I walk out of my car and anytime we talk he can never stop looking at these big fat tits. I knew he would be in the Christmas spirit for some sweet mature pussy.

Let me tell you, his fucking cock felt great slamming inside my hot whore holes. He knew how to fuck and move those young stud hips. I will let him come over and rail me anytime he needs to bust a nut. He won’t tell his parents either; he knows how much he wants to fuck my holes so he will keep his mouth shut.

I am hoping to have his sexy ass come over after school everyday so I can get a piece of that cock. Young ones like him can’t stop themselves from needing more sex; which is good for me. I love sex so much I need a young stud who can keep up. Troy blew his seed so far up my cunt I felt it leaking for hours later. He is such a fine piece of fresh young meat; I can’t help but crave more of him and his big fat load!

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