You Need More

Discreet phone sex


I was hoping you came over to see me. I know it takes a lot for you to sneak away from your girl. You should know that I’m worth cheating with because I’ll give you precisely what you dreamed up all of your life. I want to get down on my knees, I want to suck your cock for you. Let me take your big beautiful cock out of those jeans I want to put my hand around your shaft then I want to wrap my lips on your head and suck down until I get to your balls. I love you baby, and you know it better than I can tell you I’m not the average slut you will meet. You are always bound to have an Immaculate time with me. I am so deeply into all that you do when you raise my legs up and put your cock into me makes me scream. Feel you everywhere, and I love the way you smell because I smell like you when you leave. Your girlfriend doesn’t know that I bought that cologne for you. I bet she thought you were crazy when you said that you got it from work. I don’t care what she thinks I want her to know how I like you to smell for me. Babe, you’ve got everything that I need, and you’re no joke you’re entirely everything. I get wet and hot whenever I think of you I know you make my pussy squirt. I am in love with you. I hope you are in love with me too. Come over right now let’s have hot sex I’ll suck your cock so sloppy you won’t be able to move I’ll swallow every bit of your cock juice.

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