You Can’t Leave Me

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I’m using you for everything, you are not going to be able to stop me now. I’m going in hard using your credit card everywhere, I’m going on Rodeo Drive I’m taking you for such a ride you won’t be able to come back when I get through. I promise you that I am going to get you for everything you own you won’t be able to go home. I promise I will tell your wife she’s going to know the whole fucking truth and I won’t stop I’ll make it known. You know I know you’re running for president you wish I didn’t come around oh no but babe it won’t stop me I’ll ruin every damn thing for you. You said you wanted to stop talking to me that we had to stop fucking hard that I made your image bad well I don’t give a fuck. Why did you knock me up and make me one of your fetish cunt lovers why did you do this to me when you could have stopped yourself. You knew that you were married you know you had a wife why the fuck did you come into my world you’re no good, and you know it. I told you I will make you pay I’m going to make you spend in a flash today you’re gonna wish I didn’t come around you’re going to wish you didn’t play games with me. You told me that you loved me, so you are saying to me that you didn’t love your wife you made me have an abortion you fucking demon Beast. I knew I couldn’t trust you because you had a life that was better than me and you said that I was your street Queen. You only had a fetish while I was falling so deep in love I needed to be in your heart, and you just wanted me to be a cum guzzling slut. I am hurting now that means, you have to pay I am feeling so sad you’re going to give me 4000 today. And that’s just the beginning because you took our brat you made me into your whore you made me unimportant for real. Your wife’s going to know everything because I kept those precious pictures of our sonogram, oh yeah. I saved every piece of information, and you’re going to have to pay there’s nothing that’s good about you your pain today. The best part of all is that you will not ever stop fucking me because I want more than the money, I want your huge fat cock.

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