Worship me



Worship me like the Sex Goddess I am. Relax and concentrate on my words. You are laying down on a soft couch and you feel relaxed and at the same time very sexually aroused. Your cock begins to throb and stiffen with each word. You reach into your pants and stroke your erection and feel the pre cum ooze out the tip. You are imaging just how soft and wet and warm my tight pussy would feel around your cock. The sensation of a hot moist tight box engulfs your schlong you can’t think of anything but seeing your dick disappear into my tight slit while you push past my beef curtains inch my inch it’s so tight you can barely control yourself. Don’t cum yet..”yes goddess” you whisper. Now I want you start to feel how my wet my mouth is has wrap my lips around your cock. You are thrusting deep down my throat and face fucking me as your orgasm builds deep inside your balls you pump faster into my face and you spray your batch of swimmers hard into my mouth and your body is limp. You gratefully kiss your Goddess feet in submission and gratitude.

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