I fucked a pharmacist for some drugs

Fantasy phone sex



Being a slutty party whore I love to get fucked up all the time. I was lacking the cash to  purchase some of my favorite party favors for my weekend fuck fest and had to think on the fly. Lucky for me trading my pussy for anything comes easy for me, so when I saw hot fucking hot the pharmacist was behind the CVS counter where I was trying to fill a prescription I bought off a girlfriend of mine I knew I could strike a deal. Just like i figured the script was no good hottie guy behind the counter wouldn’t fill that shit so I made him proposition he couldn’t refuse. Since it was a 24 hour pharmacy and it was like 3am we were totally alone and I simply told pharmacy dude, ” I will trade my tight shaved pussy and my puckered pink asshole AND if you throw in some zany bars I’ll blow you too. He didn’t hesitate next thing I know I’m on my knees with a mouth full of pharmacy guys massive pecker and he is just face fucking the shit out of me. I’m gagging and drooling all over his man meat and he’s grunting and groaning loving every minute of it. Before I knew it I was on all fours getting my twat drilled doggy style he was just sawing my fuck slot over and over my juices were coating him with a shiny wet glaze. I wanted his dick water in my gash to just over flow and drip in between my thighs. We had to be careful of the security cameras so I was mostly getting fucked in the back of the aisle where all the bottles were and my face getting bashed in on the shelf with every thrust into my body. One customer did wander in but he just flipped the “out to lunch”sign on the counter and came back with his junk in his hand stroking in and getting ready to butt fuck me to completion.  His boner was pretty fucking nice I have to say I enjoyed every inch of it. But what I really wanted was to get fucked up and high as shit on those oxy’s and zanny’s I had waiting as my prize for all this boning. It didn’t take him long to blow his nut deep into fucking my guts and filling my sphincter to the brim with his sticky man soup. I know it will be worth every second though the minute I crush up and snort that oxy and chase it with a nice relaxing zanny, I will be feeling no pain in no time!

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