Winter Wonderland

best phone sex linesMy cunt is so cold out here in this cabin all alone I’ve been waiting for you to come home and spoil me with your love. My heart beats for you and only you, you make me so happy everything that you do is fantastic I want you all the time I cannot help myself. Don’t you think that you are the most important guy in my life don’t you know how important that you really are, with you I feel like a star. I love you in extraordinary ways in fact in every single manner, the way that you touch my hair turns me on. And when we get nasty so very nasty I can’t help myself but get so in trapped in what you do to me I am your love slave, and I don’t want to be anything else you make me feel just like myself you let me be me. I’m stuck on you like glue I’m glued to you I wish that we could be together forever. I know that you sneak me away from your life your hectic schedule with your wife she’s so bothersome. Your wife doesn’t know you like I do she doesn’t love you like me how could she though she can’t even understand you the way that I can. You are the love of my life I don’t care that we’re cheating I love cheating with you. I want you to fuck me in my bald pussy make me feel like a slut that you just happened to enjoy. Don’t you ever go away I need you every single day whenever you visit it makes my heart beat so fast? I want always to be your cum slut I wish still to please your fantasies I want us to be secret lovers forever because I can’t go on without you. I love you baby, and it’s so right there’s not a lie about that in the world I love you I need you I want you I lust for you when you’re not here. You’ve got me hidden away for the weekend the things that we’ve already done our Epic but what we’re going to do is bound to be called legendary. I’m your summer bunny in your winter wonderland I want to care for you however that you please I’m your concubine your Damsel in Distress without you that’s me. Whenever you stick your colossal cock ride into my pussy, it drives me insane and makes me need you even more. Always gets Swept Away especially now that I’m at this cabin I feel like I am your number one and there’s not another for you. I don’t care about her she’s nothing to me, and she’s nothing to you it’s us together you and I the only ones that matter. Make love to my body make love to my soul give me all of you I can’t help it but love you. You are my winter wonderland, and I want to be your winter wonderland as well I love you.

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