Weekend Plans

Discreet Phone Sex

I love going out to party with my girlfriends on the weekend, we have so much fun just dancing and playing with each other on the dancefloor until some hot guys start paying us attention. We usually grab at least two of the best looking guys available and let them take us home, all kinds of interesting things happen then! Once we took two guys home and they were roommates, they shared a house that was beautiful, it had a pool and hot tub, huge windows and what we later found out to be a sex room complete with a swing, circular bed and a stripper pole. I volunteered to play in the swing first, they lifted me up and put my legs in the stirrups before they got on their knees and took turns licking my clit. I was dripping wet when the two hot men started taking turns dipping the tips of their big hard dicks into my wetness. It was amazing being teased so much, I was begging for their cocks before it was all over!

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