Watch Me Turn You On

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I love my soft smooth body so much that if I could clone myself I would fuck myself the moment our eyes met. Sadly that will be a fantasy that won’t be coming true. There is one thing that will make my warm, tight pussy cream up in a heartbeat. If you could watch me from the back of the room with your hard dick out. I want you to see me feeling on my soft, smooth body. I will not be able to see you watching me but I will know you are there. While I am rubbing all over my hot and horny body, I will be picturing you watching me intensely. The hornier you see me get the more your cock will grow. You love it how I take one of my perky soft titties up to my mouth, don’t you? You almost shot a big load all yourself when you saw me put my nipple in my mouth making it so hard and wet. Then opening my legs up wide, letting you see this wet pretty pussy of mine. It was amazing that you could see my wet pussy juice dripping down to my asshole from the back of the room. You couldn’t take any more of my teasing fun when you saw me scoop my sweet yummy juices off my tight hole. Licking and sucking my horny juices made you get up and experience the real thing for yourself. The feeling of our bodies pounding together is orgasmic and I love every second of the hot, wet and naughty time we have together.

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