The More the Better

Group Sex


I love having more than 1 person fucking me. I think the more people the better. I love when my man decides to bring in a girl or two when I bring in a couple more men. I think its fun to have more people because it’ll be a longer better fuck. Group sex is my favorite kind of sex I love when I have cocks filling up each one of my holes and I love when I get to watch my man fuck another woman so hard that she’s screaming out. Having my man fuck another woman makes my pussy so wet. He likes to watch me get fucked by other men too so much so that sometimes he cums from it. But what I really love is when he wants to put a hard thick cock in his mouth and have me make him choke on it. I love the sight of it.

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    • Chad on July 11, 2022 at 4:28 pm
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    Me and my brother could stick it to you, babe.

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