Thanksgiving Three-way

Impregnation Phone Sex

Being a horny little cum slut is so much fun over the holidays! instead of slaving away in the kitchen on thanksgiving, I go to the nicest hotel in the city and hang out by the bar! When I arrive in my sexiest little black dress I notice lots of hot older men in the cocktail lounge, all their eyes land on me as I approach the bar ready to order a drink. Once I sit down I see a sexy couple seated next to me, clearly they are on a hot date, the way they look at me tells me everything I need to know. I make a little small talk with them before they invite me up to their room for a little three-way fun. Of course I accept their invitation and let them pay the tab, when we get inside their suite we all strip naked and dive right into the slutty fun we are excited to have. The pretty older woman enjoys licking my tight young cunt while the older guy fucks my face and makes his balls slap against my chin. It doesn’t take long before we have all cum at least once and are ready to call room service for a yummy turkey dinner and champagne to keep us going all night long!

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