Teasing You Pleases Me (EdgePlay)

No limits phone sex

I know that I made your dick go crazy for such a long time, I know that watching those pictures that I placed online was driving you insane, but I didn’t care. I did not give a fuck about the way that I was causing you to rip at your cock and violate yourself 4 sometimes five times a day. I know the first time that you sent me that message about paying me to do some kind of odd job Consulting remember that? Well, I knew that you just wanted to fuck me that you ached to sink that big fat cock deep inside of my gaping wet asshole and engulf yourself in every rape fantasy you’ve ever had about me. I know what you really really craved, but I couldn’t stop myself from teasing you it’s in my nature. I love the way did I take you to the edge and then I just bring you back and dump you. I love the way you get angry how you tell me it causes for your fantasies to get darker and darker I’m not going to fuck you until you are so mad that you’re tearing into me. I want you to pull my hair and make me cry I need you to do that and it gives me chills to think about it. I can’t fuck you until you’re ready to go all the way. I know for sure that if I give it to you before you’re angry enough you don’t deserve it, you won’t give me what I need that attention that I lust for in such a dangerous manner. I drive you crazy don’t I when I wear my tight Daisy Dukes when you can see my pussy print calling to you. I have no doubt in my mind that you want to throw me over the back of my couch and shove your cock into me over and over, but you don’t want it bad enough, yet it’s not driving you mad enough for me. I will know when you’re ready I can tell when you are going to be able to deserve it you’ve got to do some things first. Yes, I enjoy the gifts, but you’ve got to beg and still get rejected you’ve got to feel like you can’t take it anymore.

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