Teaching Granny How to Lick My Young Cunt

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I love getting fucked by older women, especially older grannies who are looking for a good time. There was one time where I was working as a maid for a rich, older woman. She would often tell me about how many men she fucked and I would always have to listen to her stories. One time, she told me about a woman she wanted to fuck when she was away on a trip. I was intrigued by this story as she had never mentioned wanting to fuck a woman. She told me that the woman was beautiful with long hair, a big ass and huge tits. She was described as sex on wheels. When I asked why she didn’t fuck her, she said that she didn’t know how to fuck a woman and did not want to be embarrassed. I told her it was easy and I could teach her how to pleasure a sexy woman. She tried to brush me off, but I pulled off my top in front of her so she could see my sexy tits. I lifted them up and let them drop, knowing this would turn her on and turn off her rational thinking. I told her to suck on my tits and her tongue felt amazing on my hard nipples. I got on her counter top and told her she needed to lick my clit and use the tip of her tongue to lick the inside of my pussy. After a few minutes, she was a certified pussy eating expert. 

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