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Never limit a Whore

No limits phone sex Lillian

I’ve said it once-I’ll say it again, why would you fuck me if you don’t want to cum? My pussy can be tender but I love a rough fuck! I need a man that doesn’t stop me when I am gagging and guzzling their balls. I need to be able to stick my fingers in your ass while I’m deep throating your fat cock so my pussy gets juicier while I ride your face. You should be dripping by the time I slide down your body and bend over for you to stuff my cunt. I want your balls camping against my wet pussy while you tug my hair and your friend shoves his ass in my face for me to tongue out. I don’t have any limits- I want to fuck his ass while you fuck mine, he can bring me the strap on and you can slip your cock into my ass while I snatch him under me. I want to pump him with every pump you give me and hear both of you fucking moan because it makes me want to cum even more. Shit I have already come so close I pull out- have him scoot under me stick his cock in my pussy while I slide mine around and stick it back in his ass. Oh fuck I love a good nasty threesome! Feeling them most nut inside me-mmmm couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.