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Sharing The Boss’s Wife!

Group Sex

I fucked my boss right in front of his wife this week and it was the kinkiest thing we have done yet! I was kind of upset when my boss told me we couldn’t spend valentine’s day with each other because of his stupid wife but as soon as he said where they were going I made a plan to follow them. I got dressed up In a sexy red dress and waited for them to finish their lame “romantic” dinner and as soon as they left the restaurant I followed them home. They went inside their house and of course they didn’t lock the door. When I walked in they were sipping wine and they were utterly stunned that I was standing there in their living room. I walked over to my boss, dropped to my knees and whipped out his cock. His wife just watched in amazement, He tried to stop me but once my lips were around his dick he was helpless. His wife surprised me by coming over and helping me suck him off. Not what I expected but still, so fucking hot, I kissed her and felt her grabbing my tits and making my cunt so wet. It was only a few minutes before we were in sixty-nine position, sucking each other’s cunts while my boss slapped his cock against our clits. We took turns sitting on his face and riding his cock reverse cowgirl. My boss has never cume so hard than when he shared his wife with me that night!