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Changing Your Diaper in Public

diaper phone sex

There are so many guys out there who have diaper phone sex fantasies and I’m living for it! On the surface, it might not seem like something I’d be into. I don’t know that I’d call me the nurturing type of mommy, but I do love getting adult babies all dressed up in their diapers and humiliating them. Sometimes, it’s just me doing the humiliating, but sometimes I like to get my sweet babies all dressed up and bring my friends over. Can you imagine wearing a frilly dress and having to walk out in front of all my friends?

Maybe you’ll have to let one of them change your diaper in front of everyone. I know you love being diapered so much. I’ll make sure she has plenty of baby powder so you will get it sprinkled all over you and rubbed in. It’s so soft and silky, isn’t it? I wonder if your little pee pee will get hard when my friend is getting your diaper and dress back on you? If it does, I will just tell you to walk around and start humping inanimate objects. I promise you, it is going to be so much fun.