Stretched Me Out

Kinky Phone Sex

I said I wanted a freak and that is exactly what I ended up with. A thick white cock stretching every hole. I didn’t think he was serious when I first met him. I was at the gym as I am most of my mornings. I saw him lifting weights and thought to myself how hot and sexy he was. We finally made eye contact and as soon as he saw me, he walked over to me and introduced himself. His name is Mark. He wrote down his number and said if I was the type of girl who likes to have fun and get wild and crazy I should give him a call. I called him once I got home later that day. He let me know that he is a real big freak who loved to give his big cock to the tiny petite woman like me. I told him I am a big freak myself and if he thinks he can give me something good I will stay around for a long time. Later that evening when I got to his place he did not waste any time. When he opened the door he gave me a glass of champagne and walked me to his room. His bed was huge, and his bathroom was amazing. When I looked in the corner of his room I saw a lot of different sex toys, I even saw sex furniture. I was very interested in trying that out. As I was looking around he got behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He took the glass of champagne that was in my hands and set it down on the nightstand. Then he put a blindfold on me, stripped me down naked got on his knees and started to suck on my pussy. Oh my god, this man knew what he was doing. When he got up I could hear him getting something next to him, he then walked me over to his bed, told me to get on my knees with my hands next to each other. I felt something cold on my wrists, and then realized he is going to handcuff me to the bed. Fuck I was so turned on at this point my pussy was dripping, making my thighs wet. He got behind me, stretched my ass out wide, and rammed his hard throbbing cock deep in me. I love when a man talks to me while fucking me hard. He was saying, “You like how this thick cock is stretching that tiny asshole out real nice don’t you?” All I could do was moan and agree. For the next hour, I got every single one of my holes stretched out. My ass and pussy are still sore from it all but it was so worth it!

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