Sorority Girl Slit Licking

College girls phone sex


I fucking love hanging out, wildin’ out and eating out college girls!  Those creamy little coeds really know how to party and are always so fucking horny that they practically advertise the fact that they’re willing to let anyone who wants a to give their fucklips a lick get as much cunt juice out of them as they desire.  I like to gulp down gallons of the sweet and sticky stuff so, you can imagine, I’m really popular in certain circles on several college campuses.

The most surefire way to find a slew of slutty teens all packed together is to simply head down to sorority row and search out the houses.  They’re so fucking full of tight shaved pussy having teens and their sleazy slimy slits that you don’t even have to try to find a fun little female to eat out, they come right to you!  All you gotta do is get in the door of just one of them, the rest is as easy as hair pie.

Here’s a tip; if you show up to any Greek party with booze and weed and tell them you’re Taylor’s aunt, you’re good to go.  Frats and sororities, alike.  “Which Taylor?” will be their question and your response should be something like “I guess you’ll have to find out.” or “Wouldn’t you like to know?”  That’s it, easy-peasy-pussy-pie.  As long as you’re cool and show them all you can hang, you’re good for the duration.

I like to find the girls who seem like their muffs haven’t been messed with very much but are obviously dying for some oral attention.  I like showing them what a true tonguing should feel like on their tiny twats and what they should expect from everyone who ever goes down on them.  I tell them not to be shy about letting their licker know what they like and to be a little forceful when they tell someone how they want their pussies to be eaten.  I even show them how to angle their assholes up so that a flicking tongue will slip right into them when they want it to.

School girls are funny and the studious wannabe sluts I seek out are just so eager to learn all about the wonders of having their tight holes kissed, licked and sucked.  If you’re going to give my methods a try, just remember what I told you.  And, above all else, remember this when you’re going down on all of those sleazy sorority schoolgirl sluts; if you don’t eat the ass, you’re not really eating the pussy!


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