Smell My Toes First


No limits phone sex

Let Me Be Your Back Alley Barnyard freak I know just what to do. Last night Luther and I went out bar hopping Luther is this chiseled guy who lives in my trailer park, and he is fucking sexy. I’ve been horny for him since you moved in last month but I like to play hard-to-get sometimes too, and it seems to turn him on. I call his name, Luther do you like how my skin is so soft? Luther answers on nervously he says he loves it he says it’s super soft and that really turns me on. I’m such a big tease I can’t help myself especially when I got them under my thumb like I’ve got Luther he’s mine to do with as I please. Sometimes I let him smell my pussy, but I tell him he has to smell my toes first I think he likes that even more. He runs his nose all of my toes one at a time, and then he runs that nose while sniffing down the bottom of my feet. Luca is a strange and nasty one that’s why I think I’m going to give him some fucking good sex tonight. My cunt is soaking wet after he ran that knows of his in my asshole, and he got his tongue loose on my hole and started to dig it in. I began to fuck his face, and he loved every minute of it. Luther is a nasty sexy boy, and it’s cock when it’s hard Stan’s 12 and a half inches, and that’s no lie. Luther has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen on a white boy in my town. I know sometimes I drive him so far to the edge that he has rape fantasies about me afterward and during the whole mental game we play. What do you think that I should do with Luther, should I give him some of this Wet and Wild bad girl cunt tonight?

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