Sloppy head

Hottest phone sexI’m in such a horny fuckin mood, I wanna get nasty as hell while we have the hottest phone sex. The craving I have for throbbing cock is unable to ever be suppressed, I am that obsessed! My slutty mouth is gonna give you head that’s so fuckin sloppy, it’ll have your socks soaking wet! Bend me over and flip me upside down so that we can sixty-nine one another. Suck on my clit while I choke on that big ass cock baby. I love how flexible I am because I am able to give a blowjob and a footjob both at the same time! Pound my throat baby, make my tonsils go numb from taking that long dick like a pro. It feels good to be able to suck you up every single day and bounce on your shaft until we both orgasm. This mouth and pussy are yours baby, do with them as you please!

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