Size Queen

hot phonesex

Size has everything to do with whether or not I have a good time and whether or not I get off, so naturally I am really picky with the types of cocks I choose to take for a spin. Naturally, Black guys and Hispanics are my go to! They have the thickest fucking coke can cocks that a whitey can’t compete with. Honestly, anything under nine inches is a shrimp dick to me! Haha! I need a real mans cock to properly stretch me out, but every once in a while I find that unicorn whitey who is well hung and horny! My friend always brags that her husband is “black from the waist down” and I fully intend to find out if that’s the case. I’m known as the BBC size queen around here and I’ll be the judge! While my friend was out of the house, I invited myself over with a big bottle of tequila and a fresh bald wet pussy. After stroking his thigh and that bulge, I pulled down his pants and my eyes went wide. He really does have a thick huge cock! And I needed to go for a ride! He fucked me so good and fill me up with his cum, he got my stamp of approval!

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