Passed out in my panties

Hot PhonesexI was so drunk & high that I passed out in my bed during some hot phonesex while I was still wearing my dirty little panties! My pussy was so wet and discharge was oozing out of me all night long, the fabric of my underwear was totally soaked from my fluids oozing! You decided to take advantage of the situation since no one else was awake to see or hear, it would just be our naughty secret. You slipped into bed right up behind me and used your fingers to slip my panties to the side as you glided your thumb into my asshole and your middle finger into my slimy cunt slit. I began to squirm and softly moan as you played with me and it only made your cock harder. You were so turned on and my asshole was staring straight back at you just begging you to shove your tongue inside of it! You licked all over me and rimmed my poop chute as your slobber drained down my butt crack. Your dick was throbbing as you spread my booty cheeks open wide and dug even deeper up into my anal cavity. You have some very bad and very naughty urges & you cannot control yourself around me! You always hope your terrible fantasies for young submissive pussy will go away but they never do! You exploded your massive load of dick cream into a pair of my soiled g-strings and then licked it all up! I loved watching you clean up your sloppy spermy mess!

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