Shall We Worship?

fetish phone sexSunday is a day for worshiping. Worshiping my body that is. Pleasing me for I am your God today. I brought out all my catholic school memorabilia for us today. I have a bible, rosary, some crosses and nice statutes. Let me get dressed in my rendition of a nun’s outfit and we will begin. First on your knees and repent. Repent for being a worthless sack of shit. A man who is lustful and sinful. Yes, I am talking to you. Lick my shoes and remove my feet. Now lick them, worship them. Show me how remorseful you are. Now baby I am going to lay back. Stay on your knees and hold this rosary. Say some Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers. That is, it. You are doing so well. Hang your head like the degenerate you are. Ask for forgiveness, ask to be saved. Look at me as you beg. Watch as I begin lifting my dress and showing you my cunt. I can see the lust begin to take your body over again. You must try harder baby. You don’t want to be damned now do you? Here hand me that rosary with that big cross attached. Now watch me. Watch me fuck my wet juicy cunt with it. Grab the beads and keep praying baby. Feel my pussy juices on each one. Oh my, it looks like you are unable to control yourself. Your cock is showing through your pants. Let me unbuckle it for you and take a look. Is that pre cum? Oh baby the deadly sins are adding up with you. Surely you know sex is for procreation not recreation, right? You? Yes you, reading this filthy dirty blog, do you need me to save you too?

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