Sexy Rendezvous With You

mistress phone sex

There’s something about being your secret mistress that truly excites me. I have always had thing about forbidden fruit. You see, I grew up in an extremely oppressive, religious home and we all know what that does to young girls. It makes us extremely curious and all the more thirsty for worldly things. Especially sex! Mmm I have been an incredibly sexual being for as long as I can remember and although I have left the nest years ago, I still gravitate towards secret sexual rendezvous and I need a man who can push those boundaries with me. I always fantasized about fucking in a place like a church, like right before a sermon so I can feel your cum dripping out of me while I listen to this weasel preach the good word. I imagine someone filthy like you whispering to me ‘You’re such a filthy whore’ while we have our heads bowed to pray. The only thing I plan on worshipping in that church is your cock. It doesn’t have to be a church though. That’s the beauty of sneaking around. So long as we stay under the radar, we can fuck whomever and wherever our naughty hearts desire.

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