Secrets Of A Private Dancer

Anal phone sex The most scandelous things happen at private parties. Back when I was a stripper in Atlanta we would get invited to entertain at after parties and that’s where all the wild sex escapades began. I was at a bachelor party and was advised to only dance for the groom since he was get married but he was drunk and it was clear he wanted to fuck. So I took him back to one of the rooms at the hotel party. He was very excited and watched me do a sexy dance for him while I stripped down naked. Then he had me suck on his big cock. It was such a naughty and empowering feeling to seduce the groom. So I allowed him to bend me over and fuck me real good in that hotel bed. His friends found what room he was in and they where peeking through the door on us. I think they were getting aroused watching me fuck him. I love being the center of attention.

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